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New binger + bud


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hey guys whats up. been pretty busy. i ended up acquiring a new binger a couple days ago. thought i'd share ;]. theres also a pick of the bud thats been goin around my head for a while ;p. i'm not sure what strain it is, but other ones that i've smoked int he past 2-3 weeks are : isus, mk, blue moon rocks, ice, mega mega kush, ak-47, and some other crazy strain. enjoi....drum roll please!:37: ;D

new binger plus blue slide, thought i'd add in the herbzotica, just cause its cool ;]

mmmm mmmm, look at those crystals ;D

new slide ;D
:adore: :rasta:
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Dude, where is your downstem? You have the slide put directly into the rubber gromet do you not?


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That bud looks real nice. I like the colors in that bong to.


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His downsteam just looks very long because you can see the lip toward the bottom of the actually bowl nice bong though bro. Nice buds too have fun
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