New Board W/ (11)Eleven Flavors


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There has been a lot of things going on over the news about ..who did this or why did they do on and so on.

Well we at VaLLey Coop would like to tell everyone that we pride ourselves for being reseda's most popular choice for (3)three reasons: Friendly, Friendly, Friendly.
Our menu's have turned 180 degress and will stay that way thanks to all of our contributors.
Many of our regular patients are "SO" surprised when they returned this year that they are telling other patients about us. WE LOVE YOU!

Not only does Valley CooP have the best service in town "Hands Down" , or the New Board with 11 flavors, or the wheel chair accessability. We are the only club in the area to proudly say that we are here to serve serve our patients to the highest standards possible. With this said let me present VaLLey CooP 2007!!!:peace:

We would like to hear from all of you...if you have any questions or comments please pm me and i will respond to you briefly! Shanks:peace:
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