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got this at an Indian run convenient store for $60. These guys have tons of nice glass for mad cheap.

this ones about 18'' got a dome peculator with ice pinch also has a glass on glass diffused down-stem and ash catcher. Easily a good deal, not the prettiest looking thing you saw but for the money you cant go wrong.


heres a nice lil vid of a rip off of it.
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In my opinion, this is a masterpiece of simplicity. Its looks smooth and practical, whilst appearing classy, However, My style is more fancy, unnecessarily large bongs, however, when it comes to awe through simplicity this one certainly outclasses many other bongs.


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it does indeed, its funny because i hardly use this bong any more, i have just been using my glass bowl because i can take smaller hits and i get to taste the aroma of the weed instead of just gettin a lungful of thick ass, resiny tasting smoke. Im defiantly going to use it on occasion (like if some one comes over or something) but its not something i want to use on a daily basis, i used to only use bongs because they get you so ripped, but i dunno i guess i just enjoy weed more than i used to so i want to get the most out of it, and i know that sounds silly because you probly get more out of a bong rip then a hit off a bowl but i have a very good technique for lighting bowls where you hold the flame about half an inch from the bowl and while you inhale you bring the flame down a little bit, then raise it back up, you repeat this till you see the actual trichromes start to melt. you get a very good aroma of the weed and you hardly burn any of it. its almost like vaporizing it although its obviously not as accurate or evenly burned.
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