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New Cab Build HPS/LED


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- ivory haze mother plant
- sour kush mother plant (sex unknown)
- blackberry og ( still a seed)
- sour og kush (still a seed)
- 10 random kush seeds ( still seeds)

Im currently running 150watts of hps along with 150watts of led on the flower side and have a 125watt 6500k floro on the veg side.

Shortly i will be downsizing with the hope of still having the same productional value in the end. I have a good deal of electrical experiance and will be building something closer to a bloombox.

Once the sex of the sour kush is determind i will start another seed for a mother and all the randoms will be ran 12/12 from seed for a few extra suprises along the way.

As for the hydro system i will be using it will be determined when it gets to be time to build my nee cab. More than likely one of these three either a drip system, dwc system or a ebb and flo tray. I like all three ways i just need the one that will fit and produce the best...

Ivory haze


sour kush



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Heres a group shot of my girls

Here is my ivory haze just started flower a few days ago

My three master kush they went threw hell but still look very promising

And my big female sour kush plant im really looking forward to this girl cause its a new strain for me

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