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New Cabinet Complete (Pics)


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It took a while, but I finally finished this project. The size is 2ft deep X 3ft wide X 5ft tall. The top 12" is being used as a utility room.

I built a cool tube using the information I found on this site and made a Mail Box reflector to go with it. Can't remember where I found the info for that.

The light is from a warehouse that I was able to purchase for 50 bucks. Converted it and made the home made ballast housed in an ammo can. Pretty cool. It is a 400 watt HPS.

The blower is a Stanley Blower that I found at Walmart for about 40 bucks. Converted it to be used with the cool tube.

Over all I have about 175 bucks for the build. I had a few things around the barn that I didn't need to buy.

The best part is that I was able to build it using skills that I self taught myself over the years. It was alot of fun.

This will be my first grow since 1980. Even then I didn't have the information or this type of set up. I am hoping for good things to happen. Without a doubt, this site is the best when it comes to information on growing and DIY projects. :adore:

Going to start a 12/12 grow with bag seed. If it turns out well, then I will get some better seed.:bong:


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I'm in awe.... ace ingenuity.
That is the coolest ballast of all time.

Thanks for stopping by Kalas. I was looking for a project box at Radio Shack that would do the job. Funny thing is, while I was planning to go to Radio Shack to see what they had, I tripped over the ammo box. As you can guess, I never made it to Radio Shack. Sometimes shit just happens for a reason.
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Great job :31:

+Rep for the excellent job on the DIY

Herb Fellow

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Excellent work. I'll be following your grow.


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Looks great! Good luck with your crop!


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Great looking room there. Nice work!

Got Humboldt?

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Thats a beautiful thing! Nice DIY. I'm impressed and inspired. If i didn't already have a grow room of substantial size i'd be trying to get the specs from you! nice work.


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Hey, love the cabinet! I like what you did with that stanley too, I have that same fan and I think I might have to convert it the way you have.
Love the set up can't wait to see what comes out of it!
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