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New Canadian guy


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Hello everyone!
Well I live in Toronto I am 40 years old or wise depends who you ask I guess.
I am also Licenced by Health Canada to posses an produce so I am here trying to learn an gather info about other exemptees on or near this site as well as some good growing tips ...I am a NOVICE so I need lots of your help!
I wish for everyone here to:want ...but not want as long as you live.

Thanking you all in advance!


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HEY mr green you from north middle or south Illinois?Had a freind from belleville,but he moved.There was some nice nugz come from there.:48:


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I'm from Central IL. And yes, we do seem to get a good variety of nugz. Hardly ever find anything commercial with a name in this area, but a lot of homegrown, high quality herb.:51:
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