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New Cannabis Seeds At Cannapot: Elev8, Bodhi, Purple Caper & More Specials


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Hiho all :ganjamon:

We have many new strains available now at the Cannapot Seedshop - you can find all latest products here --> The latest incredible weedseeds, feminized and regular - Cannapot

Also some great specials, you can check out here --> Great weedseeds reduced here - all specials at Cannapot

We are very happy to have also some nice Bodhi Cannabisseeds available, here are some nice pictures

Also we have now regular seeds of the breeder ELEV8 - also nice stuff for sure:

Next great breeder with incredible great strains is the Purple Caper Seed Company:

As usual you will get free seeds with every order - hopefully you like these new genetics...as we do :p
Wish you all the best an see you soon :Namaste:

irie lion

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Nice additions @Cannapot - i'll be sure to take a look :woohoo::ganjamon::headbanger:
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