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New clone room.


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So i was bored and decided to turn my over sized closet into a cloning room.

I went down to the hydro store and bought all the t5 lights they had left and went to work.



I am gonna run the mothers on the floor and the clones up above.


I am gonna ad 2 more 24 inchers up top and one more 4 footer tomorrow just have to go to a different store. This will give me a total of three 4 footers
and four 24 inchers on the bottom. And four 24 inchers and 1 four footer up above with the clones.

This will be my first time cloning so any advice would be really welcomed.And does anyone if i can take a clone that's in rockwool and put it in soil pot.

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Nice setup your going with. As far as cloning goes its better to go with a gel than a powder rooting hormone. Always make your cuts at a 45 degree angle.
Put your trimming in a vase of water until you are ready to dip it in the hormone solution.
Also trim off a couple of the fan leaves at the bottom towards the cut, to add on to a healthy/ faster root system make small 45 degree notches on the branch i make about 5-6 notches and it works fine.

That's what i have on the top of my head right now but i have a bunch of books and stuff on growing let me know if you need anymore advise.


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Ok so shes up and running went down and got super silver haze, hendu skunk, pot of gold plus the white widow that was in my tent.




we will see how it goes.

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So i swung by this new dispensary that was open late last night and they had this clone of afghan skunk #1 and she was looking lovely and she stunk already. when i went home i couldn't sleep thinking i should of bought it so i went back this morning and picked her up.

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sorry i havent updated for awhile but i have been busy. they are some updates i add a couple strains to the mommas diablo kush, bubba kush L.B.. i also cut about 12 clones 6 of them rootded and transplanted into soil already.



thanks will do better job on updating.

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yeah growth is good the first picks were taken 33 days before the last one so doing quite well.


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sorry about the updates daughter stole the computer during Xmas break. but now im back everything is going well i have yet to give anything any sort of nutes just because im not dialed in on that yet and everything is healthy it seems going to move all the baby's i have cut under the main lights this weekend but here is what i have so far.

super silver haze momma

pot of gold momma

hendu skunk momma

afghan skunk # 1 momma

diablo kush going to be momma

bubba kush gonna be momma

now the rest of these photos are all clones that i cut from these mommas and once they rooted i put them into soil and will be put in main veg room end of this week i will start grow journal # 2 for these when i do this.
super silver haze baby's

hendu skunk baby's

pot of gold baby's

afghan skunk # 1 baby's

I also made my own large clone bogs where i mount two t5 lights in a Rubbermaid container seems to be working good just forgot to get a photo will upload tomorrow

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just the clone cuttings i have done [the babys] as for the mothers they have a new tent on the way i am going to keep them in from here on out.

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How did this grow turn out?
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

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