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New co2 system and needing advice


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I purchased a co2 tank and regulator for my grow room which is 11ft x 8ft. I have two 1000w HPS lights with an exhaust thru a can fan. I thought by connecting my duct work thru the exterior wall to bring in outside air would control the heat from the HPS lights. therefore allowing me to "seal" my grow room for the co2. unfortunately by doing this it is getting too hot in my room. I cannot start to add my co2 until I figure out how to control my exhaust of heat without exhausting my co2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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How high is your temp going? Plants take in more co2 from the air when temps aare over 30c 54c is max. But with in 3 hours you will need to get fresh and cooler air into the tent. co2 is heavier than air so it falls to the ground, put your exhaust fan at the top of the tent and your intake fan at the bottom.


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CO2 is taken up mainly by the stomata on the bottom of the leaf, so like WizHigh said, just flow from the bottom up. Your room doesn't need to be totally sealed to allow for good gas exchange in the leaves. All you need is the majority of your CO2 contacting the leaf bottoms. Does your CO2 system release "loose" throughout the room or can you channel its output with hoses or something similar?


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I'd put a hose down at the bottom of each stalk. Put the fan on a timer. Let the fan turn off for 15 minutes every couple of hours so the CO2 can get higher.

That's what I have been thinking about doing. Haven't decided whether or not I want to do the C02 yet.
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