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First time ordering from CK,and first time grower. I have a 2 story man cave, but I'm only going to use a small fraction upstairs 5 1/2' by 6' by 6ft high. I'm wondering if this is going be large enough for the 5 plants I plan to grow. Also what should the wattage of the lights be, the temp of the area. Should use soil or hydro. I'm on a limited budget, so I'm looking to go as inexpensive as possible, not cheap, just broke asf. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thanks


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At least 1000 watts min I'd say. 1500 would be awesome. I got 900 in a 2.5x2.5x5' tent temperature should be 85 high -68 no lower I heard. Go cob style is what I'd refer to you or led for cost. Easier to maintain Temps I'd go soil myself not sure what cost different is DWC ? I prefer soil. Natural. Go to the 420 beginners forum for great links . Just remember do as much research your self. No one likes to baby sit. That being said I hope I have helped you in some way to your questions. Good luck on yah journey.

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Growing in a tent or just the area? HID or LED? Make sure you have NO light leaks in the dark periods either way! Does smell matter?

I would run a 1000w cooled hood with 5 plants in 5 gal buckets with good soil for your first go at it, fox farms trio would be a good starting nutrient. Make sure you have reliable PH meters!!!!

Veg them for at least a month, 2 if you have the patience and you will have some good bud!

This is all somewhat strain dependent, autos, photo period, reg vs fem etc. Grab a 10 pack so you can guarantee 5 plants with out a re-order!


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What strain do you have in mind?

A good way to do some research is in the forums where people need help with sick plants, can learn tons!


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You will have some nice boys and girls! Whatever you end up for a setup make sure you have no light leaks and good ventilation and you will be happy!