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New Drug Policy!YOU can do somethin about it!

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HERE IS THE LINK TO E-MAIL YOUR REPRASENTATIVE QUICK AND EASY! http://capwiz.com/norml2/mail/onecl...alertid=4243021

You've been with us all year as we have fought for more compassionate and less expensive drug policies - from fighting the RAVE Act to working to pass medical marijuana legislation that protects HIV/AIDS and Cancer patients.

Now, just before Congress goes out of session, one of the country's harshest drug war extremists, Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN), is about to introduce some of the scariest legislation we've seen this year.

Rep. Souder's bill increases penalties for many drug offenses and takes away the right of judges to show mercy when it's appropriate. The bill also enacts new draconian penalties that could sentence compassionate Americans that grow and provide medical marijuana to decades in federal prison.

Although it's titled the 'Drug Sentencing Reform Act,' this dangerous bill is all sentencing and no reform. It will destroy the lives of thousands more non-violent Americans.

We know that Rep. Souder wants to introduce his bill within the next couple of weeks and is asking for co-sponsorship from other Representatives. Make sure your Representative doesn't support this bill. Call NOW and tell your Representative not to co-sponsor Rep. Souder's Drug Sentencing Reform Act because it contains no reform and ties the hands of judges.

Actions to Take:

To reach your representative by phone, call the US Capitol Switchboard at 1-800-839-5276 or call your representative's office directly by looking up the phone number on http://actioncenter.drugpolicy.org/...u=352520&l=9389 .

Tell your Representative: "I'm a constituent and I'm calling to urge Rep. [Name] not to co-sponsor Rep. Souder's Drug Sentencing Reform Act, which he is about to introduce. The Drug Sentencing Reform Act contains no reform and ties the hands of judges. It will punish nonviolent Americans and compassionate citizens that provide patients with medical marijuana. I would like Rep. [Name] to tell me where s/he stands on this bill. S/he can send a letter to me at [Address] or an e-mail to [Address]. Thank you for your time."

2) Tell us what your Representative says. Email us at ActionFeedback@drugpolicy.org.

3) Forward this alert to your friends, family, and co-workers.

More Information:

The so-called Drug Sentencing Reform Act has yet to be introduced, but it will do the following:

** Tie the hands of judges by making it harder for them to reduce sentences for non-violent drug offenders. (It does this by expanding the so-called 'Feeney Amendment' to apply to drug offenses). This will mean longer sentences for non-violent offenses, with taxpayers like you picking up the cost!

** Mandates that most people on parole, probation or supervised release be subjected to random drug testing, even if their original offense had nothing to do with drugs. (If enacted, thousands of non-violent Americans could be sent to prison for years for smoking marijuana in the privacy of their own home and then failing a drug test.)

** Directs the U.S. Sentencing Commission to no longer allow lower sentences for non-violent drug offenders that have certain mitigating circumstances (such as being addicted to drugs) or for non-violent drug offenders that made a mistake and are otherwise good citizens.

** Enacts new draconian penalties for growing, distributing, and providing 'high-potency' marijuana to others, including medical marijuana - which often has a higher potency to better relieve the suffering of AIDS, Cancer, and other patients. If enacted, this provision will allow the federal government to send more medical marijuana patients and their caregivers to federal prison for years, in some cases decades.

** Read Rep. Souder's explanation of his bill here: http://actioncenter.drugpolicy.org/...=352520&l=9390. Our analysis is based on Souder's explanation and our discussions with congressional staffers.
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looks like noone cares.
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yea man, in order to insure the future of marijuana, people have to start acting out and showing how the feel about marijuana, i did what i can do to stop anti-weed laws, even if it's something small, i still feel i did what i could to help. just a little way to repay the wonderful people who grow this plant and distribute among people.
I called the number and gave my Rep (Charlie Gonzalez) the information (through a secretary, of course).

It was actually sort of difficult. I take Paxil and every once and a while you get a very weird sense of anxiety which makes it hard to speak to people. But I did it :). It was kinda fun. The secretary sounded hot. My hands are shakin though. Fuckin' Paxil.
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Thanks Old Guy, that makes me feel better. haha . keep on tokin!


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hahaha im guna send an email after dinner. Im too hungry to work right now.

Thats awesome you found all that shit and made it so easy. now just a million people need to click!
you been on this board for not too long and you contribute more then i have i think already.
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haha, whenever u have free time man, im just tryin to help out in little ways, nuthn big. i bet ur helpin out people and u just dont see it. yea i spent a little time on it, but its worth the cause. keep on tokin'!
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haha, idk about u canadians. Maybe pick a state and pose for a US resident lol. if not, then smoke a bowl and think of us who are striving for freedom!