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Hey all! I am very new to the cannabis community. I do use weed for med reason (ADHD And knee joint issues) and it does help. New to this and pretty much jumping in head first. I'll be found in the growers forums real soon.
Hi Zidian42zero, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
:thanks: for joining us.
I've witnessed the help people with ADHD can get. Just amazing.
I'm going to be watching for your grow journal.
You'll recieve all the help you need.
See you soon.
Zidian42zero nice to hear from you Friend. :ciao:
:welcome: to 420.
Ton of information here, Just take it slow, ask your questions, Book mark informative Threads to return to.
Everyone here is here to help you anyway we can.

Is there something you would like to start with?
Question about your Member Features?

Stop by the on going Grow Journals meet the Fantastic 420 Growers.
Journals in Progress - 420 Magazine

Just make your comfortable and begin soak up the knowledge.
We are here for you Friend. ;)
Will be looking for you in the Forums...Ok? :thumb:
Later. :peace: