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Hi. Got a question? Never grew outdoors around here in SE New England. I'm here in MA. A friend had a plant in his yard and no idea what to do with it. He has no knowledge to work with. Anyway, he asked for my help. I thought of it as any other grow but I didn't take into consideration the weather changes in this area. She's well into flowering, but still not near the end. What's gonna happen now that this weather has turned cold?
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What's gonna happen now that this weather has turned cold?

The girls will tolerate cold nights and even a few light frosts. The more immediate problem is keeping a watch out for bud rot. Even if you only see a little bit on the tips, the fungus is active inside your buds turning them eventually to dust. Keep a close eye on that. Clip off a bud or two and examine the interior. Your friend may be forced to harvest early, not because of frost, but because of rot. Varies by strain of course. My blue mystic gots spots all over. The sativas have powdery mildew. The master kush is awesome with no pest problems of any kind. I also have kaya gold, wonder woman and guerrilla gusto doing quite well. Hopefully another week or two will pass before I have to harvest - would be nice to go into October without a frost.
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Thanks for the info Hipster. We'll see how they do in this cold. Thanks for the info on the bud rot. I'll be checking. It's a whole different animal growing in a cold weather region.
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I agree, bid rot has been my biggest problem, besides my plant getting ripped. If a heaven rain is in the forecast, you may want to build some type of cover for it, or harvest it if its close enough. This will only work in spots where a cover won't make it obvious of coarse. But good luck, and let me know if I can help you guys out in any other way. MA growers unite!!!!!


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snip - How about some auto-flowering strains outdoors?

Could you expound a bit about auto-flowering strains outdoors please? It's been 20 years since I have grown outdoors, consequently I am twenty years behind the [high] times. Anything I can do to get my harvest in before October 1st [the opening of bow season] would be greatly appreciated {that is, if I choose to try a couple plants outdoors}. I have a couple spots that were perfect for growing one or two plants. My buddy, who grows indoors, says to grow a variety of strains so you don't get "immunish" to one strain.


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hey all, i hope this thread isnt dead, just started reading it today. Auto flowering strains refer to strains that do not flower due to the amount of light they receive but flower due to their age. most autos go from seed to buds in around 10 weeks. not sure how many hours of sunlight they need but its somewhere around 18-20 i think. good auto strains for cold climates outdoors would be AutoMazar and Blue AutoMazar and they have very high yields compared to other autos. i am currently 1 week in veg with a Hollands Hope lady under a 200w cfl and shes loving it, im planning on moving outdoors soon. anyone know when i should give her the first feed? and when would be the best time to move her outdoors? any advice is appreciated, peace guys :nicethread: :thanks: stay green


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Move them by the end of April, that's my advice.
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