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New Facts of THC AND CBD


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New studies indicate that the Cannabinoid CBD is of great inportens of the effect of Cannabis on human brain and health, new studies show that the 30 years of trying to optimizing the THC levels by genetically breeding Cannabis plant to have high amount THC levels in them has been bad for the Cannabis plant in that regard at the same time CBD levels has gone far to low in the modern plant and strains. New studies has shown that if the CBD levels are moderat or at the ratio 1:1 regarding to THC, that means if the ready marijuana has 5% THC it´s god if it´s 5% CBD when being used there are several studies that shows that the CBD together with THC has anti psychotic, anti cancer, anti depressions anti infection and outer values, various studies has been done.

At the projectCBD.com page you can also read about the benefit of CDB richer Medical Marijuana but now we must also demand that CDB rich marijuana is being available as seeds so we can grow these plants and try out as Medicin it most also be a clear line between medical and recreationally marijuana.
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