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New First Grow: Crimea Blue, Soil, Organic, With Selfmade LED Light

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Couldnt resist to unpack everything ;) Got some early Christmas presents today :high-five::yahoo::yahoo:

Just putted the stripes lose on the holder/cooler - they will be attached by some 3M thermal pads. I will them arrange like in the first picture - attach everything with the 20x20mm Profiles, each 33cm long. So the hole lamp has a dimension of 50x33cm - that should light up my little tent very well :D

Also got the MeanWell HLG 320H-20A, so I will tinker this together next week! :drool:

Stripes look very good and the holder/cooler are bigger and heavier as I thought :)





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Oh I see now... they didn't put molex connectors on the strips. That you should point out to them in the future! I thought it was some fiddle to solder on the 6040 cobs I remember. Do they preheat the boards when soldering in a factory? It's quite large piece of aluminum that dissipate the heat from a solder iron quick...

Wago is fine on the driver!
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I couldnt wait and took that little bit time I had today to tinker it together - I'm satisfied with that :)

Drilled some holes in the 20x20mm Profile and attached the LED holder/cooler with 3x M5 screws each. Hole construction is about 3kg ^^

Btw, the Lady's started to smell, this morning it was a very nice smell in my bedroom :D Time to add the carbon filter ;)