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New Forum Format

The new streamlined and polished 420 Magazine Forum format is up and running, finally.

Members will notice a simplified and more user friendly structure. This new structure was arrived at after lengthy discussions with members, and reflects the wishes of those members, and management's.

The new structure has a diminished number of sub-forums, with 420 News now heading the way. The refinements include picture gallery access for the grow room and the lounge; a contest in the 420TV forum for the best 420 related clips, and other innovations such as the feature showing number of members viewing threads.

As far as non 420 topics or games threads go, they have been omitted. Readers of 420 Magazine (who are the target of our cannabis awareness mission by the way) used to see the forum jammed full of games threads. Members were using the forum for stoner banter and other nutty things. All the important stuff, like the grow room, news and mmj, were bumped off the front page. All readers saw when they came to our serious site, was a bunch of childish games. That lost us converts to the cause of cannabis awareness, and even some members. That cannot be permitted again.

This new forum format has been streamlined and polished. This is our mission! We are serious about getting serious about bringing cannabis awareness to the world. 420 Magazine wants you to join us with this new format, and do it vigorously!

We want spirited and valued input from our members...it helps 420 Magazine take the message to the frontier of the war on drugs.

420 Magazine will continue to maintain focus on bringing hemp and cannabis awareness to the world, as well as providing a mature and sensible community forum for our members to participate in.

Thank you

420 Magazine
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what happened to the "new posts"? That was pretty convenient for when I only have a few minutes on the computer. I end up looking through everything anyway, which the new format is awesome for, but I miss that little link on the home page.
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