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Hi All, This is Rayzin.

I've just joined and thought I'd describe my situation.

As a US Navy Veteran, I took advantage of their medical services to have an ostomy reversed since I didn't have any medical benefits at all. Had operation, caught their infection which led to massive hernia situation when the whole incision dehisced on my.

Well, I need medication and not the kind that comes in a bottle. Tired of chemicals anyway. Got my card and have been setting up my grow room ever since.

Three 5X5X6.5 Grow Tents
Tent 1 (Veg) - 400W Metal Halide with Temp DNE controller and timer.
Tent 2 (Flower/Bud Transition) - 400W HPS, 8 bulb T5 with veg bulbs, Temp DNE, Box Fan for top exhaust and timer.
Tent 3 (Final Bud) - 1000W HPS, Temp DNE, Exhaust Fan and timer.
Room Filtration - From window I have connected a Can 50 Charcoal Filter with a 6" Inline Fan.

Total Cost, about $2000.00 USD

Strains Currently - 2 Plants Each for monthly output of 6 per month.

BC God Bud,
Sweet Haze,
Lemon Kush.


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Hey hey ex Navy here too. Actually it has been a long long time, but I did a Westpac

Anyone know what Navy stands for?


I am very familiar with Portland too, although I don't live there.

Welcome to 420
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