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37 yo, married mom of 3 with Chrohn's disease, severe arthritis, and shattered my l-4,l-5 vertebrae almost 13 years ago which needed major surgery. I am unable to take "conventional" medicines due to drug allergies which leave both of my auto immune diseases "un-treatable"m, and me unable to take any form of NSAID... which makes the arthritis miserable. I have been self medicating with marijuana for over a year now, and it has kept things in check, and helped me to avoid major surgeries.


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Oh I hate the meds that they give you. I do not understand why anyone who is already sick, would want to take meds, that usually do not even "cure you" but make you feel worse in so many other ways and can cause so many serious side effects. At least you can be active on the herbal miracle :)

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