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i would like to thank dahui for taking on the gallery mod position!

from now on, photos will be approved in a much more timely fashion...

i just couldn't do it anymore, too much stuff to do around here...lol

thanks sweetie, you rule!!!

everyone please give thanks to dahui for taking on this task!

:adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore:


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congratulations! another great addition, this place is getting better and better. i thought it was awesome to begin with, but all the new help things can only improve. way to go rob:smoke2:


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I'm off to upload some pics. heh.


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sounds like a great idea! congrats on the promotion dahui! i think ill have to try out my new camera just for the occasion!


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just wanted to say FUCK YEAH!!

I uploaded some pictures before I left for class, and they were ready for me when I got home.. I usually have to wait and I go crazy.... kickass!



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I've never posted pics even though I've been here for a while now because I'm usually too lazy to take pictures of my buds but thanks anyway DaHui.
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