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New Girl from SOCAL: Greetings!


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Hello 420 Crew,

surfinstoned, coming to you from Southern California. San Diego to be exact.

I'm 24 years old, have been smoking for about 4 years and now I want to dive into the world of hydroponics. I'm ready to build and set up my first grow room, and I'm really excited to try to grow some of my own sweet stuff... I have been checking this forum out for the past couple of days and I think it's the shit! The growers lounge is really amazing and informative.

I plan on posting my own Grow Journal, so I hope to see you in there. I can't wait to share the experience of my first grow with all of you so be sure to check it out! Any comments and/or suggestions will be gratefully accepted.


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So here is what i have done with the empty space in the garage (5 feet wide 7 feet tall and 13 feet long.Sorry about the picture looking curved i had to use my fisheye lens. I will post the rest in the do it yourself grow room section. See you there!


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Looking like it going to be a green summer "indoors"... :goodjob:

Welcome to, 420Magazine! Glad to have you aboard and look forward to your posts...:thumb:

MV... :peace2:


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Hey, how much are you looking to spend on the Hydroponic setup? you can go cheap or expensive depending on what setup you use.. most grow's i see here you a setup called Ebb & Flow. it is also the easiest to maintain and use.

here is all the types of hydroponic setups there are.

Click Me.

that will take you to a site that breaks down each type of hydroponic setup. the rest is learning the break down of nutrients and minerals to have in your solution. If you have any questions reply to this. I am Horticulture certified... lol so i decided i would put my knowledge to use. i started my own grow from some seeds i got from some green i bought. until i get the clones i want.

My Grow & Hydroponic setup

my setup is not complete though, lack of funding for ATM because i won't use cheap parts. Anyway Good Luck with your setup grow and such.


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I have already got everything I need but thank you. I will be using an ebb & flow hydroponic system because of how easy it seems to work. I appreciate the reply and all the advice I can’t wait to start growing!!!!!!!!!


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Absolutely, I was going to post that stuff in a better section of the forum when I start my grow journal but here are the specifics:
Qty 12 gods gift from clones
400wmh for veg/ 600hps for flower
Advanced nutrients line up:
Micro/grow/bloom/b-52/bud candy/big bud/overdrive/final phase for flush
Bio roots for clones in veg.
I hope this answers some of your questions I started another thread for the build you can check it out if you have time!!! Here is a link 420 Magazine ®


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Awsome new gurl,, ima new boy!! Jk lol
looks like a wonderful year iz on the approach
im from oceanside but im in fresno rite now.. You guys got the best outdoor conditions for some of the best strains.. Alright im already hatn .. Lol .. Man i miss diego

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Nice job surfinstoned! Welcome to :420: can't wait to see your room all finished and your journal going...We need more girls growing in here...you know what they...anything a boy can do a girl can do better :thumb: hehe

Love your avatar too....kick your shoes off, light one up and stay awhile :surf:



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Thanks a lot Thew1sest, Yeah I plan on running just 1 400w mh for the veg stage and then going with a 600w hps for the flower stage. I realize that they could use much more light and that I'm pushing the limit but to me its trial and error, so I can fine tune everything next crop. I am going to try and get 4 crops a year, but who knows if that will happen. I will just try my best to not kill them!!! Check out the progress here:
420 Magazine ®
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