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Hi...you can call me AJ...I'm very new here and looking to learn a lot.

I'm a big fan of our favorite herbal refreshment...and I do it for the pleasure it brings me. I am starting a grow project and will be posting and looking for advice.

Can't wait to hear from everyone...glad to be here.

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so many questions. (deep breath) what setup? What seeds? Soil or no soil? ...... I'm new to growing also. I choose the cheap option of cfl's and autoflowering just cos there almost, pest and desise resistant and also they work on time to finnish and not on light cycles. Don't know if anyone agrees but these are a great way to learn about feeding. I started 3 critical+ autos under 4 23w cfl's and kept them no more than 2in away. After they started flowering i moved them a 100w cfl(with more of the red spectrum) . There now 35 days from seed, with some nice buds coming. I don't expect a great yield but it's been a good learning curve. Hope to be of help, BC.


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Welcome aboard AJ! :thumb:

I invite you to check out my main indoor/outdoor grow journal when you get a chance. I cover a lot of different aspects of growing in there and there are also a lot of great comments and tips from many of the other 420 regulars. And of course I have a TON of high quality photos in there too. :)

There are a ton of excellent journals on here so be sure to check out the entire "Journals in Progress" section.

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Welcome to the 420 Mag family... it's great to have you w/us. :welcome:
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