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New Granny with a Spot problem

Granny Evie

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Hello from my basement! Lol! I have a hydro setup, doing ok until now. I know nothing about growing in dirt unless it is veggies in an outdoor garden. We picked up 2 clones of the Northwest Leaf centerfold plant XXX OG. One has a spot on a leaf that looks like a bleach spot. Cannot find it on the deficiency chart. At $100 a pop cannot afford to lose them! They had what looked like a mag problem so I looked on here and found and made a weak epsom salt solution to mist them with. Took care of the yellowing but now there is this spot! Any ideas? they are in Happy Frog dirt.:thanks:


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First off, pictures would be very helpful. It could be any number of things... If your misting them your lights could have burned a spot in the middle of the leaf. What are your ph levels of your water?? Is it a dirt grow or hydro?? you say hydro at the start, then tell us they are in dirt?? could you clarify...(hydro=no dirt). If it is hydro is it ebb and flow, dwc, top feed to waste??? If it is dirt what is your mixture straight happy frog?? (i know nothing about happy frog), what are you feeding it for nutrients??? are these rooted clones?? or are you trying to get them to root? We need way more info before we can help
Dirt or Hydro??
How often are you watering??
How old are these clones??
PH of your water??

we need as many of these questions answered as possible before anyone can help.. also pictures would be great.

Granny Evie

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I am hydro, but the clones I have are intended to be mother plants. They are in Happy Frog medium, not sure how old they were when we got them. They were about 4" tall. I have had them for about 2 weeks. They are under 1 light, room temp about 75 degrees. No nutrients except what is in the medium. Humidity runs 55-65%. I water when the pot feels light and medium is starting to pull away from side of pot, or the leaves start to droop. Usually before they droop. That was one plant only, the one time. It takes about 2-3 days between waterings. I use filtered tap water only when I don't have spring water. No idea what the actual pH is but our tap water runs at 7.6 so it always needs adjusting. This is why I use spring water. Never had this problem before, all my clones were grown in a clone tank. It is just now since I now have clones in dirt that I purchased. 2 are XXX OG, 2 are Thai stick, 2 are Afghani, and 2 are Obama. The rest are our original un-named strain. I am still trying to figure out how to upload a photo...granny here, not real tech savvy!
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Granny Evie

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Lucia McM

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I know squat about growing but I absolutely had to tell you you sound like one seriously cool granny! Virtual hugs to you and your plants, let us know how they're doing :35:
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