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Just thought I’d share the progress of my current plant.

- Indica, unknown exact strain
- 2 CFL lights (100 watts each)
- Fox Farms Ocean Forest
- Vegging (week 4)

So far I’ve topped her once, and started Super cropping. Right now she’s wrapping up week 4 and is entering week 5.

I experienced slight powder mold in the beginning when my plant was stored in a not-so-well ventilated area. I spotted it early and just used a dab of dish soap and applied it to a spray bottle filled with water—the powder fell right off as I gently sprayed the affected area. After that debacle, I placed my plant on a table near a window (access to indirect light)—she’s been growing like crazy ever since.

In the past I used to bend the branches to get access to light in the lower region of the plant. I did it twice with this plant, along with topping (once). I think it gives the plant stronger circulation. However, now I just carefully tie down branches using floss—I think this method is far better than Physically bending branches cause you avoid wasting energy on healing and instead focus that into growth. In other words your plant won’t ”lose days” healing—IMO it’s just more effective.

Lastly, when I first topped her, it was actually an accident. I was trying to bend the main stem and accidentally snapped it—spent 2 days trying to tape/tie it back together to let it heal, but just decided to cut her. I put the other cut piece in water for 1-2 weeks then threw her in soil. She’s growing really slow and I think the roots are still being established—we shall see how she turns out. But my point I wanted to make was after that crappy event I thought my plant was a goner—she wasn’t growing and just looked pitiful. Lol, so glad I didn’t give up on her, cause NOW she looks drop deadass gorgeous.


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