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New grow room advice needed


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hi everyone.
I have been looking for a long time now at growing my own, and have thought of various options.
I am going to be growing lowryders to start, then maybe move on from there.
I need it to be as stealth as possible, as I am only doing it for personal use only.
I started off looking at pc grow room, then maybe an aerogarden and have decided for a organic soil setup now.

Here are my thoughts, please advice me with thoughts about my idea.

When doing lowryders am going to go for 3-4 at a time, obviously these do not need a grow stage so was looking at the following:

I have about a 200 pound budget and main requirements are stealth and electricity cost budget.
a grow tent, about 60 cm x 60cm x 140cm tall, or can go a bit wider and bit taller to 180cm if required.
250 watt hps light
2 x 120 cm pcs fan for getting air in and out ( or a bigger fan out hooking up to ducting that goes through the ceiling hole already there in to the loft.)
a small fan to blow over the plants
I will either have the lights on a pully system or put the plants on crates, moving the crates lower as required.

The tempurature in the room the tent will be going in is normally about 12-15 degrees so hopefully heat will be stable in the tent.

I am using sqare pots and organic soil with some bat guano and some perlite and vermucilite.

Thats it for now, have probably bored you enough, so please please give me your advice, and in return will keep this thread going with pics of the eventual set up and hopefully! healthy grow!

Thanks for reading. :ganjamon:
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