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New Grow Room Build Journal


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So damn jealous!

Your room is just incredible.
I'm so jealous that I want to come over with a can of black spray paint and tag up those beautiful interior walls. You know... lots of little "Kilroy was here" drawings with Tead instead of Kilroy.
So, I see your hot day temp info. Where does your input air come from? Are you pumping hot exterior air into you garden? If so, have you considered some sort of system to switch input between house interior air (presumably cooled) and exterior air when it's cooler outside.
I change my input based on outside temps.


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I'm pulling direct from outside. Residential HVAC isn't an option out there. I'll have to purchase A/C next year. It won't be long until I will need to heat the area. I have many more months running heat vs A/C so I'm going to invest in heat first. I will try to better manage the current temps by timing the lights more appropriately.

I now know I was absolutely spoiled growing in my basement. The average lung temp for the grow box never wavered far from 66F. Now I'm growing in a wood box breathing from Mother Nature during one of the most unseasonably warm Springs I can recall. Not record setting but consistently hot quite early none the less. Challenge accepted.

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