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The Stick

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I have lots of questions and hopefully this is the place to have them answered. I have a nice little grow room setup. It is 5 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet high. Unfortunately, for the time being, I only have 2 flouresent light(4 bulbs Gro-lux 35W). I have a thermonter and a fan in the room.

I know I need to paint the inside white,monitor the plants, temp, etc.

My problem is that I am having a hard time getting seeds. I have two plants started. One is about 4 inches high with 5-6 leaves...the other is 3 inches high with 3 leaves...can I prune this soon to start more plants? and if so how?


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Are asking if can clone your plants at that size?What strain are you growing?With the height restriction you have you will have to flower your plants at 10 to 12 inches and train them to grow horizontally if they are sativa.If you have indica you should be ok.I would wait till the plants show there sex before you take clones.


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I would say start yourself a Grow Journal, then we can get all this info to you in one place.

I would start them on 12/12 light dark to flower them right away and keep them low.

Get some intake air and some exhaust (2-4 computer fans) and as many soft white cfl's as you can fit wihout temps getting too high.

Then you can clone at about 7 weeks.

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as you can see the two plants are coming along ok..the bigger one,beside the tape, is a about 2-3 weeks old. The one in the red pot is about 1-2 weeks old. Should these be groomed? can I clone the clippings?

I keep these under fluro constant other then removing and putting them into sunlight. This really helps them.

I have no clue where to go from here...
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