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New grow tent


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Hi All,

New to the forum, so first up let me introduce myself.

I'm still fairly new to growing and am making some mistakes along the way, but I'm enjoying the process and watching my babies grow, prune, and train. Im enjoying the process so m7ch that i invested in a grow tent to start doing this properly. Im wondering if someone can provide help on the lighting issue im facing.

The tent i purchased a 80cm x 80cm X 160cm, and I'm a little stumped on which lights to use. I was initially using cfls in my last setup, yet as I now have more room I want to have more than 1 plant going at a time which is where I get stuck on the lighting issue.

I'm unsure on if i should continue the cfl setup or switch to mh & hps.

As the room is 6.75 Sq ft, on 7000 lumens per Sq ft I'm going to need 47,000 lumens.

I don't have an awful lot to spend at this current moment and my very max would be $200, although I'd prefer to spend around the $150 mark.

I've found some 250w MH/HPS lights on ebay for $120 (aus) which cover the 4200k and 2100k spectrum (4200k isn't ideal, I found a 6700k mh globe for $30, would it be best to use that instead?). lumens are 20,500 & 29,000. If I was to go the 400w version, I still don't make the required 47,000 for veg.

The other issue I run into is the heat and having to keep the lights so high which I GUESS will cause stretch?

So at the moment I'm stuck between the 2 options below. If anyone could take a look and let me know which would be the best option, I would really appreciate it.

The MH/HPS im looking at is - NEW 250W Hydroponics Grow Light Magnetic Ballast Reflector KIT MH HPS Lamps | eBay

CFL - Hydroponic 130W 300W CFL Reflector Grow Light Lamp KIT 2700K 6400K Bulbs NEW | eBay
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