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allways used nft.but after moving some one gave me a 8 pot wilma thats what i got to use untill i go back to nft.nice system BUT. nft much easier on all counts. ie hight ,visual inspection ,growing NL X HAZE under 2 600w cool shades in a 240x120 tent.using ionic.with no ph down. am i posting this in the right place and how to i put photos up as i go along .i have photos of it so far but am at a loss on how to put them up like a journal .any help appreciated.thanks.
coming on fine ,9 days in flower. ec 2.2 ionic, ph 5.9 . 4x airstones, one fish tank heater set at 22.and a wave machine, so no stagnant water in tank. they drinking 15 l of water a day.but most of that must be a lot of evaporation using the wilma system,air pruning pots great roots not going around the inside of the pots.not bad since i took theses clones off a 3 week old plant. must be good jeans......NLXHAZE
took most of all the big fan leaves off now and dropped the lights to one foot,12 days in flower now.they still sucking up 15l of water a day this should start to slow down now .cant wait till i do the next grow NFT .you will see the difference.taking a few pics soon.well after i've had a few joints.happy days.yeaman:420::peace:
I love a clean looking setup, and that's a beauty!! Looking great so far - subbed :)

My only advice would be with regards to your scrog. I suggest you frame it as that one is really only pushing the plants down somewhat. You need quite tight string to make a scrog work properly, so i'd suggest just getting some wood and screws next time and making one. It's dead cheap and i just attach mine to the upright poles with cable ties. Just make sure you get decent string (12 ply minimum) or it tends to stretch.

Here's a pic of mine if you're interested, like i said it's cheap and cheerful :)


Keep up the good work :)
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