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Don't sweat the small stuff with your seedlings, they're gonna be fine. Just give a bit of water with 1 tsp per gallon CalMag and maybe 1/4 nutes, just a little bit, know. and don't over water. After the first week I start to give 1/2 to a whole cup around the outside of the plant, just enough to make the roots stretch but not starve the plant.

Seedlings just look funny, but you've got Autos and they will be up an running before you know it.

Plants are like skyscrapers.

1. Seed breaks ground
2. Cotyledons Open
3. First set grows / seedling stretches a bit
4. Roots are developing more as the the leaves grow.

Every great skyscraper has a large enough base to support it's height and structure.


Nuke Em High

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Ok so first day of bumping up nutrients and noticed a bit of yellowing has started on plant #1 towards the center of leaves. Maybe it's too early to start thinking there is a possible issue going on. Plant 2 is looking a bit dark green most likely to the buffering of calcium I gave to coco. Plant #1 was fed 1 liter of water with no run off. Showing that ph is a bit high in soil at 6.4ph although I've been watering with water ph'd at 5.8 to 6.0 range so will be just feeding calcium since coco was not buffered on this plant. Noticed a bit of tip burn as well most likely due to my ph issues. Plant #2 soil is at 6.5ph and she's showing some growth.
Think I may have to get some decent ph down since what I'm using is Walmart brand stuff and does not seem to be holding the ph levels well.
Below is how I have been feeding

Ppm of tap water 166
Ph 7.6 @ 78F

1.2ml Magnifical
1.2ml Velokelp
1.2 Micro
648 ppm
Ph of water 6.1
Total EC 1318

Results from soil test
Plant 1:
ph 6.4
4.2 ppm
84 EC

Plant 2:
ph 6.5
9 ppm

Plant #1


Plant #2



Creme de la Creme Photos of the Year: 2017 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov 2017 - Photo of the Month: May 2018, Mar 2019
Those seedlings look great and don't worry bout that yellowing. The leaves will green up after a day or two. The plant is pushing out new material and it'll take a minute for the color to change. Looking good Nuke, congratulations!!!!

Nuke Em High

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Oh and always water Coco to run off mate. If you don't the excess nutes build up in the pot. Can fry a plant pretty quickly. It'll mess with the pH too.
Yes I will be doing this from now on. Did notice my ph was super low yesterday when I took a runoff sample from plant# 1 and have a feeling that it's due to past runoff that had accumulated in the runoff plate. Will be removing the old runoff and washing the runoff lid (bucket cover for the moment) to get a better idea of whats coming out. For now I've been taking coco samples about 3 inches deep and checking this way. Will be cutting nutes with a gallon of tap water for next feeding as yesterday did drop my ppm's a bit. Just an idea of how yesterday went:

Plant # 1feeding
1 Gallon jug
2.4 Magnifical
2.4 Velokelp
2.4 Micro
2.4 Grow
ppm 458
pH 5.8

Plan t 1:
Watered to runoff with one gallon jug
Coco sample pH 6.4
ppm 50
EC 100

Plant 2 no runoff just dampened with spray bottle
Coco sample pH 6.7
ppm 52
EC 26

Not sure if these reading are correct for my EC as for plant # 1 it's higher than plant # 2 yet ppm is slightly higher on plant # 2
Lol may be going crazy here.

Nuke Em High

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Yeah there's something amiss here mate. What exactly are you testing? Can't be putting in 450ppm and it be running out at 50ppm. It's physically impossible lol.
This last test I did was from the coco itself about 3 inches deep, have my doubts that it's accurate this way. Reason I started taking readings right from the coco is due to my runoff ph being very low, pH was reading 3.6 and ppm was 554 from the runoff. Had my doubts that ph was correct since there was some left over water from last feeding, not much but still had me thinking that this would mess with my readings.


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Ahh, yeah don't stick it in the Coco lol. Need a probe meter for that.
Just stick it in the run off mate. It's not an accurate way to check things but if the run off isn't almost the same as what goes in then there's an issue to look into.
Long as your feeding to run off every day and going in around 5.8 you shouldn't ever get any issues with it though.

Nuke Em High

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Lol, ok I had thought this was way off. Going to grab another sample today and going to pick up a good runoff tray as it's difficult to access the way I have it set up now and I do not like moving my plants that much at this stage. Thanks again for the help as I'm trying to get everything dialed in at this point and any help is very welcome. :Namaste:


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Cool man, you gotta find your way with coco. Sometimes picking up yhe container is a good idea for weight. I water just a bit around yhe outside ov the seedling 2 times a day, i use an eye dropper, they dont need much at first. If you didnt charge the coco, you can add 1 tsp calmag per gallon for your seedling phase, about 1 week. Then start with 1/4 nutes and see how plant responds. Seeds take patience as does this hobby.

lots of patients lol, there is lots of know how in these forums, just keep askin and someone will chime in, they have helped me a lot. first grow i over fed them and lost 9 out of 12, took some advice and the last three are hanging in there, second grow is up and running, gonna try not to make the same mistakes i made in the first 1. good luck, ill keep watching and learn myself.



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With the above advice I've decided to come up with an action plan for feeding. First priority was to get my ppm down. Lowered my nute intake as well and have been consistent with ph values at 5.8 going forward. This seems to have sorted out my numbers. Have a wet vac laying around so this comes in handy for taking runoff samples. It's starting to make more sense now. Plants look like they are doing great so far, just keeping in mind that less is more for now. Below is corrected ppm and ph values after taking runoff sample from water.

Plant # 1 feed mix
2.4ml Magnifical
2.4ml velokelp
2.4ml micro
1ml grow @ 386 ppm 0772 EC

Runoff after feeding:
EC 0784

Plant # 2 feed mix
0.5 Gallon @ 224ppm
EC 0448
Runoff after feeding:
252 ppm
EC 504
6.2 ph (going to bring this down a bit)




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Nuke Em High

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Quite a bit of growth occurred since last post. Been just keeping everything steady in the tent and plants are responding well. Did notice some type of light green discoloration on one of the leaves, you can notice a lighter green patch in one of the pictures. Not sure if this is a potential issue or to do with nutrient uptake? This would bring us 3 weeks in and thinking I should maybe bump up the nutes a bit since I've been approaching 500ppm and seems like they can take it so far. At this stage of growth would it be safe to hit 600ppm? I've heard that autos require less nutrients than photo periods and wondering what is the max intake autos can handle without issues?
Last feeding numbers are below with pics and happy late 420! :ganjamon:

Plant # 1
1 Gallon jug @ 423 ppm 5.8 ph EC 0846
2.5 ml Magnifical
2.5 ml Velokelp
2.5 ml Micro
2.5 ml Grow

Runoff 458 ppm EC 0916 ph 5.7

Plant # 2
1 Gallon jug @ 533 ppm 5.8 ph EC 1066
2.5 ml Magnifical
2.5 ml Velokelp
2.5 ml Micro
2.5 ml Grow

Runoff 469 ppm EC 0938 ph 6.0





Creme de la Creme Photos of the Year: 2017 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov 2017 - Photo of the Month: May 2018, Mar 2019
As you get further into this hobby you'll worry less about the single leaves. i understand there aren't too many just yet! That one leaf blade looks like it was stuck under the one next to it, less/ no light for a bit. That or nute splash but that's a big shape. Rest of plant looks good. I like to judge plant health by looking at over all health, not each leaf. I have a Northern Lights in flower right now (4 weeks) and her leaves are starting to yellow a touch. I just upped the nutes a bit because many of her leaves are showing the same discoloration. No pics sorry.

As for how are autos with nutes? I had lock out with my Kush Auto and she still finished strong, but less is more when it comes to nutes. I've fallen into the nute trap more than once. Follow a schedule for the first grow and then you can branch out from there. That's my advice on nutrients.

What my best friend told me when I started growing.

"Mother Nature spent millions of years of evolution on that plant, try not to fuck it up!" ~ Mark J.
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