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New Grower, Browning/Yellowing leaves


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New to this site sorry if everything comes up a little weird.

Strain - Bagseed
# of Plants - 5
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Flowering (1wk 4d)
Bucket Size - 6 inch span
Lights - (3) 100W Equivelent Soft white Cfl (1) 100w eq. Daylight CFL
Nutrients - One time feed at 3 weeks All purpose plant food (Miracle Grow) 1/8 of box
Medium - Organic compost
PH - 7
RH - Unknown
Room Temperature -good 72
Room Square Footage - Micro Grow (Little over 1 sq. foot.
Pests - None Known

My problem is that i have yellowing leaves on my plants and also some are turning brownish, I sterilized my cutting scissors with 70% rubbing alcohol before I made cuts. I water every 2-5 days as needed by pot Distilled water. All other info above. Any questions feel free to ask, thanks for your future help. :p

1st plant:

2nd plant:

3rd plant:


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Re: New Grower, Browning/ Yellowing leaves

Hey ML, Welcome to 420magazine...Some of your pics are a little blurrier than others so it's kinda hard for me. But I was going to say calcium or mag deficiency when it comes to the browning. Do you have any epsom salt or calmag? As for the yellowing, not sure because if you're in flowering that tends to happen. And at this stage, you should be giving your plant more P and K and less N. Plus you're using Miracle Grow which I don't know much about. Some here use it and some are against using it. So maybe someone will come along who can identify it better than I can. But I am curious about how you're feeding. You said you gave nutes once? Or did I read that wrong? Also, did you check out the plant abuse chart?
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