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New grower bud question


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Ok, so i got baby buds, lots of em. Plant is in a dwc setup and has a great root ball. For a first grow i think its going pretty well. It is a dutch treat cbd plant and honestly i am not worried about how much this plant produces, i just want to learn from it so i can do better with the next one..

The question is what do i do wth the buds growing against the stock that are growing under the buds growing at the top of the plant? Should i be cutting them off so the plant focus’s on growing the buds at the top of the plant ?

Temp in tent is steady at 70 deg f
Humidity is avg of 38 to 40%
Obviously on a 12/12 light cycle

Im going to ask that everybody ignore the lights.... im doing what i can with what i got. There is a 450 watt led hanging above the plant that is not shown and the two hangin ones on the side are 45 watt led i bought fr my venus flytraps... which they absolutely love....

Thanks for your input.



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You might want to check this out. Keep you busy for a bit but good info.

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