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New grower CFL & LED closet


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This is my first grow from bag seeds,those pots are very small cause i didnt really have more room for bigger plants so decided to stick to them . couldnt really use HPS either for that matter . Im using a ratio of 6:1 of 2700k and 5000k of LED bulbs (half of them with the diffuser off ) and CFLs , and the opposite in veg. Left one is a indica and right one is a sativa or hybrid and they have both been veging for 3 months cause i didnt know about the 12/12 light cycle making it switch to flowering stage ( was kinda waiting for it to bloom) im also using a small usb fan . Grow is totally organic beside the soil which i transplanted them in was 11/11/16 . dropped a light on left ones fan leaves ..seems not to have affected it much , anyway what u guys think



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Yup, looks good, done the same as u but left my lights on 24/7 purposely for 3 months before the switch to 12/12 . Welcome to the show! Some very knowledgeable peeps here willing to help u out if needed,
Just ask, and filter out the b.s., opinions are like ass holes everyone’s got one . Good growing.
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