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new grower, help please


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Do these white widow look good? They are 16 days from seed. Tks for the help.


devils letuce

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yea they look great. like mentioned above it might be time .. let the cups dry out pretty good and slide the plant and dry soil out of the cup and look at the roots to see how they are developing in the soil. if u can see the roots gathering and circling around the bottom of the cup i would transplant .

autos or fems?


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friend of mine gave me the seeds.he just told me they where white widow. not sure if they are auto or fems.. i did 3 seeds in dirt, and 4 in a cup of water for 2 days, then paper towel for 2. all 4 form water made it, only 1 from dirt made it. tks for the hlep
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