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New grower in the tropics


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Hi there,

I've just received my first seeds from Crop King, inlcuding NYC, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, CB Dream and CB Dutch treat.

I'm living in the tropics (Panama), its currently wet season so need to do some preparation before planting outdoors. I havent managed to find much information about growing outdoors in this type of climate, so I hope to share my learnings and meet other people.

I bought a combination of indicas, sativas and medicinal so that I can experiment what works best for me in different situations.

For a long time I was scared of the plant and how it affected me but as I've got a bit older and more trusting of myself, I've discovered its benefits. It's greatly helped me become more self aware, content in life and reduce stress and anxiety. I'm generally calmer and more accepting of things, others and myself.

I hope to meet kind, like minded people here to help learn and support each other.

Nice to be part of this with all of you :)
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