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New Grower Need some advice


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the grow space i have is 5ft wide 2ft deep and 7ft tall

i am looking to do a hydroponics system with a mother and up to 50 clones i was wondering if a 1000 watt light is to big to use for veg and bud for the clones and i was thinking maybe a 400 watt MH to keep the mother going?

to much heat in a small area?
ventilation tips?

expected yield!!?

please help with some experienced advice

thank you


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i use cfl's to grow my mother. i went to the hydro store and picked up 125 w cfl. less power consumption and less heat to worry about.

1000 watt system get very hot in a tent i'm still struggling to get mine down just keep that in mind when you pick out a light. O and i have to run a separate power line to my grow site so i can stop tripping breakers.

with a small space like that a small 400watt cool tube would be nice but u defiantly need a intake fan to exhaust the hot air from the grow space. go on ebay they got all kinds of selections. and don't forget about this VERY IMPORTANT


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ok so ill go with a 125 watt cfl for my mother but what do you recommend for the clones i hear the bigger the light the more they yield? judging on the space would a 1000 watt be suitable? also if i went with a 400 for the clones what would be the difference on the yield?

also can i get 50 clones of 1 mother or should i start with 2 mothers to get my clones up and going quicker?

am i looking at a profitable yield here or just some for smoking?


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i would do some reading before investing. start small and get ready to learn a lot.
i have been reading and i think i know what i need just need some experienced advice
That was some good advice.

On any kind of project, one you have never done it before, it is always a good practice to start small. It is heartbreaking after 60 days to sit and watch your harvest not producing anything because you didn't catch something soon enough (pests, bad water, not pHing, over watering, under watering....) It also helps you to learn your plants genetics, as each strain is a bit different in what they need and how they grow. You should have a good feel for your strain once you get three or four grows under your belt. After that, you will be able to pick up what other strains need quicker.

Please don't take this wrong, if you think you have read enough.... well many of the better growers here on :420: will tell you they haven't. And they continue to read, research and learn from others.

A 1000 watt HID light in a 10 sqft at 7 ft tall closet will get really hot. Doable, but will have heat issues that you will have to deal with. A cool tube setup exhausting out of the grow area would be one way to deal with it. And with your height restriction of 7 foot, allow you to get it much closer. Just make sure that you are not exhausting where the intake can pick it up and get pulled back into the closet.

CFL's do very well for mothers, clones and early veg. They also put out a lot less heat, though they don't penetrate very deeply into the canopy. But you don't need that with clones and early veg. You didn't mention if you will be doing the mother and clones in a separate closet. If not, you will have even more heat problems to deal with. Again, doable but not always the best selection for the first time grower.

For anyone that is starting out growing in a small area, I always suggest they look into SCROG. IMNSHO, you get a larger harvest overall. Less plants to deal with. You use lower wattage bulbs, which will likely be more efficient (600 watt HID's usually put out more lumens per watt than 1000 watt). All because you need less penetration through the canopy.

Good luck to you brother with how ever you decide to grow.


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In my .02 you shouldn't be worrying about yield yet...You should worry about learning how to grow and what works well for you after a few grows then upgrade and start on upping your yield...I've seen countless people get the idea to start growing and think they can just jump right in and start making big bucks...In reality it doesn't go as planned...Don't take any of this offensive in any way...It's just not realistic to try to start off with a mother and 50 clones when you've never even grew before...I agree with everything Prairie posted...I know as a new grower your worried about yield...I was too then...But like Prairie said it would suck to wait 60days and get basically squat because you don't know the in's and out's because you were too worried about how many plants you can cram in and how much money it's going to make you...Remember plants double in size when induced into flowering...You need good ventilation or mold/mildew/bud rot will take your whole crop away...Please don't rush into a grow op...I've seen experienced growers rush into a new grow and that made serious problems...I wish the best of luck to you... :thumb:


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And in my opinion I would go with a 600w to flower with...The 1000w is going to cause some problems with that space...Even though a 1000w has more lumens total there is something called the point of diminishing returns meaning if it's too hot and you have to keep your 1kw 24" away thats only 1/4 of your lumens being used (forgot the exact numbers I was baked when I read it)...While the smaller light can get closer and your plants can use all of the lumens because heat is less of a limiting factor...Bigger is NOT ALWAYS better...
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