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New Grower needs advice - Trouble - 6th week of flowering starting today.


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First time grower, stuck on this one and freaking out. Leaves are curling up and browning on the top.

Without providing you the whole log I've done here is the basics. Everything looked great up to week 5 of flowering. I decided to add KoolBloom to my 800-900ppm mix on week 5 to get started, now about 6 days later I got leaves turning brown and curling. I added 10 ml Kool Bloom to my following recipe for 5 gallons of water.

- 20ml Cal mag
- 20ml flora blend
- 60ml flora bloom
- 40ml flora micro
- 10ml flora grow
Heisenberg tea added as well.

Grow room temps are constant. Flower Room. Night time 70F, 50% Humidity. Day time, 79F, 50% Humidity.
Using RO water.
PH constant at 5.8.
1000W HPS, 8" exhaust, XXXL hood.

Is this Magnesium deficiency?
Is this heat burn?
Is this nutrient burn?
Is this PH swing?
Or something else?

My Sativa doesn't experience any of these symptoms except a couple of leaves closet to the canopy, and some really small yellow spots on the lower fan leaves. It is less than 12" from the light, Indicas (white widow strain of some sort) which are showing the problem are roughly two and half feet away from light, not nearly as close.

Steps I've tried, on 5/25 when this started showing up, I tried added 10ml of CalMag to my reservoirs, foilar fed with RO water (akaline filter used some basics added). 5/26, issue seemed to progress over night, now bud leaves are curling on some. I decided to raise the light another few inches as well (it was at the same spot after stretch phase) I flushed with 2 gallons of plain RO water. I have 6 gallons of RO water in my reservoirs. I even re-calibrated my meter.

Measurements - Sativa (1300ppm @ 5.9) Now at (900ppm @ 5.8)
Indicas which show the issue more (1050ppm @ 5.6) Now at (900ppm @ 5.8)

Another note, I think it is more nutrient burn as the tips are yellow (very tips) on many fan leaves; however I read a little of this is fine as the plant is using max nutrients.










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Re: NEED ADVICE "Trouble" - 6th week of flowering starting today.

Adding notes from my journal.

5/20 — Start of 5th week of flowering. Reservoirs less than half full; made new ~ 800ppm nutes (closer to 990). Veg room watered and trimmed up lower branches. Everything balanced. Added 10ml KoolBloom to PK#2, this thing likes nutes. We'll see what it does. Was at 5.6 PH, 1100ppm, now at 1350ppm after kool bloom. Switched watering to 4 minutes from 5 minutes; was flooding to root stem on pk#2. Will not add more Kool Bloom until week 6; see how this works. Buds just seem small compared to the other two plants for the size of the sativa. This plant really like the nutes before the other two; I think 1300-1400 will be a good target, will be careful not to nute burn.

5/22 — A quick peek at night shows some of the fan leaves curled slightly and thinned on PK#2; not too concerned as it is only a couple and not all over the plant. I'll dilute with new nutes to top off reservoir @ 900-1000ppm. Everything looked ok by day. Mixed new nutes at 1100ppm with Kool Bloom. Reservoirs read 5.6-5.9 PH and PK#2 at 1350ppm and PK#1 &PK#3 @ 1100ppm, some leaves burt and curled on PK#3. Veg room watered and topped off DWC buckets.

5/24 — Made new nutes for Veg room. Watered and balanced. Pitched S2 & S5, running out of room and those were the slowest plants. Looked like sativas as large as the leaves were. Flower room no changes PK2 @ 13000, 5.8PH; PK1 & PK33 @ 1100, PH 5.6. I lost track, but I have been misting the flowering room (simulating dew/rain) with PH'd water. Humidity hovering 50%.

5/25 — Made new nutes for Flower room ~`1400ppm, added one to two quarts of 5.9 PH water to cut it. (50 ml Flora Bloom with 10ml Kool Bloom) PK1&3 showing signs of Calcium or magnesium deficiency or phosphorus burn. PK2 @ 1300, 6.0 PH. PK1 & PK2 @ 5.8 PH 1100 ppm. Added 5ml calmag extra to each bucket during watering; If it doesn't clear up will flush reservoir in anticipation of phosphorus burn from Kool bloom added. Raised light another 3 inches. Added 2 quarts of PK1 to dilute ppm to 1100. Pk3 at 1200ppm. Reviewed log and noticed I was at 5.5 and 5.6 for PK1 & PK3. Going to recalibrate PH meter, add PH down.

5/26 — Update. Recalibrated meter. PK#2 PH 5.54, 1200 ppm. PK#1 was PH 5.6, 950ppm, PK#3 was at 5.6 1050ppm. Added 5ml CalMag to each reservoir. 10ml added to each reservoir tonight and 1/4ml to each reservoir. Also timer reduced to 3 minutes for all schedules. Next time, to deal with drainage issue; I can pick up on plant and it drains fast; the bottom of my air pot flexes (the screen) and collapse on the drain. I can resolve this by adding large river rocks to the bottom of the buckets to keep the air pot up.
Note: One important thing I forgot, PK#2 is actually at 5th week of flower; I forgot I started this a week before after reviewing my log for PH issues; I'm glad as I was thinking the bud sizes were small and I would disappointed with this plant. Everything is veg room is approaching 2 months old, by the time flower room is done, it will close to 3 months. I got the room to grow some bigger plants. Might try two versus three.
5/26 — Flower Room: PK1 & PK3 still have leaves curling and brown spots. PH was around 5.5 checking today. Apparently adding CalMag dropped it? Anyways balanced reservoirs to target of 5.8 PH with PH up. Added 1 cup of tea to reservoir (PH 7.0) to help balance things out; will check PH levels in a few hours after pumps cycle again. Might have to flush reservoirs and add new nutes if it lockout has occurred of nutes in reservoir. Veg room, added nutes; everything was balanced, watered & misted clones.
Update: Drained two gallons from PK1 & 3, made new nutes. Noticed Kool Bloom really lowers PH. I think I need half the levels for PH down when adding this. ½ ml PH per 4 gallons.
Added a bunch of PH up to all reservoirs. PK2 showing start of same symptoms. May try removing Kool Bloom (or should have saved for last 2 weeks?).
Update: Removed 2 gallons of water from PK1 & PK3, 1 gallon PK2. Added 6.0 PH plain water to reservoirs to lower nutrient strength. All reservoirs now 5.7 PH @ 900ppm. Also note, leaf tips are yellow on some (indicator of nutrient burn, I think I'm running up to the limit or bit past).
Raised the light up another few inches for possible light burn. This would be weird as the PK2 is a lot closer with less symptoms than the other two.

5/27 — Start of 6th week of Flower for PK1&3 (indicia, some sort of white widow?) ; 5th week for PK#2 (sativa).


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looks like you had a nute upsurge. Try lowering the nutes before adding the koolbloom and raising the lights when you water with it for a couple days


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looks like you had a nute upsurge. Try lowering the nutes before adding the koolbloom and raising the lights when you water with it for a couple days

I think you are right. I took a peek with the flashlight and things are looking better at 5.7 @ 900ppm today. I'll know in a few hours when the light kicks on.

One thing i notice with KoolBloom is that it goes real acidic; previously I would balance my water before adding my nutes at 5.8 PH, but this was taking my PH down to 5.4 afterwords.

When I did my 2 gallon RO flush yesterday, I backed off Flora Bloom to 50ml (vs 60ml) and only added 10ml Kool Bloom.

I'll keep you all posted. Thanks


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Resolved!!! Troubleshot what my issue was bringing in a third party. GLOBAL WARMING!!! joking...definitely too hot. I rigged up a thermometer under the light at 20" and now run at 85". Light is at 20" above Canopy now. Before it was at 12". My room temperature sits next to my ballast which was throwing me off. No wonder I was sweating a storm.

Check out the PDF for updates farming.pdf
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