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New grower needs sexing confirmation


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a new grower here from the northern skies of scandinavia.
i germinated 12 plants and now half are indoors flowering and half outdoors enjoying the 20 hours of sun.
1 week into flowering and i finally noticed some sex attributes and would like to confirm my judgemnets.

1- plant #5 i see as a male

2- plant #9 i see as a male

3- plant #7 i see as a female

thanks for any and all input.
i have also taken clones and will eventually do some cross breeding, but now i would like to flower and harvest the 4 plants i feel are female (the other 3 look like plant # 7)

tack tack


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1 and 2 are definitely both males, but I think it might still be early to tell with plant number 3. Usually what youll see is white hairs pulling off where you're looking at. Id hold off on judgment for picture 3.


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Agree with Half mate.. I think you may find #3 will start to show male growth soon, the nodes arent lookin real good atm, but it is still bit early to 100% tell. Hope she's a girl for ur sake.. Goodluk andHappy Harvesting;)
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