New grower o the bolck need help

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ok hi pplz well science im here i obviously wana grow and i will tell you my growing strategey for the summer im trying to get everything iorned out so wen its 420 i can start planting

first of all im thinking about sequrity science im an outdoor grower im using gurella tacticks
the spot im planting near is a river densley wooded and few people go there aside from the occasional kyaker but im thinking about growing a bit far away from the river so noone sees it on banks
there is also an island in the middel of it that had a building for a ruined old mill il scout the area more and c if it is relly 100% an island
its so far away that i dont think people will be a problem and animals will pprobebly stay wawy from it when i get some chicken fence down there
i will plant near the banks in patches of no more than 3 to 5 plant per patch i dont want to have a pattern
after i scout the island if its good and i think it is i will probbly clear out the ruins of plants and such i dont think i need good soil down there because the soil is good enough from all the roting stuff over the years, so i just turn it over with a shovel a couple of times
after my spots are pickd out comes 420
i will germinate the seeds so they sprout and grow them in little like cardboard pots things that r disposable. they will be grown at my house until they take on the distinct pot leafe shape then me and my friend will put them im our backpacks and take as many trips as we have to we will hike upriver where there is a bridge tube down the river to the spots with all the plants and supplies like fertilizer plant chow and stuff . upon reaching the spots we will put on gloved and put the plants in the pre dug holes im thinking that if we get the distance from the river rite by the time it starts getting smaller the roota will be long enough to reach the water underground. i will chek the plants once or twice every week give them water and nutes if i have to but im counting on the river and the moist soil to do all the work of watering . thats it im tired of typing for the moment i will explain my harvest strategey later and i can bet its almost foolproof

post wot u think i should change
the one thing i insist upon is keeping the plants near a river so that it dosent look cketchy going down there every day

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well my problm is i cant water them every day so im counting on the river to do that and if ur not gona help me dont post


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i actually think its a pretty clever idea. i dont think anyone would go to an island like that, i mean maybe if they had a boat, but most yound people dont. i have no way to help you but i do have to say i like your idea.


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Planting on the banks of a river, etc.--bad idea.
The roots of a MJ plant need to dry out between waterings.
Also, water attracts animals of both the 4 and 2-legged kind. The 4-legged kind will eat them, the 2-legged kind will steal them. Imo, don't plant any closer than 75', and in an area that is not visible from the water's edge.
-Mills are very rarely on islands. That would make it difficult transporting grain in and out.
-Unless you're talking about a private, fenced-in area, the mill is on maps and will attract people.
-Don't assume that existing soil is ideal before you inspect (and preferably test) it. In 40 years of guerilla growing I have only once found soil that would produce as much weed as amended soil.

Acept the fact that you're gonna have to visit/tend your plants frequently. MJ needs to be watered at least 2 x/week. If it doesn't rain you will have to bring it to them. You will also need to dose the plants with nutrients at least every 2 weeks.

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ok heres how it goes the mill isnt actueally on the island its on mainland and its a run down one in more detail the building on th island is or has come to be a square of stones about 3 or 4 feet high at the lowest part and its such a fucking pain in the ass geting to that island because on one side of it there is a swampy area evean i wouldnt cross then 2 sides by water one side is quite fast rapids and tahre is a stone wall where the island meets the river like u wouldnt be able to get oon it
so in my opinion it would be verry hard to get onto that island im not 100 sure so me and my buddy will go and chek it out il post sum pics of we get a hold of a camera
so there the problem of the animals is solved
the island is roughly 200 ft from the water at the middel where the building is
i will test but only in the spring
as for the soil whot is amended soil and how would i go about transporting it to the island?
and i think i could go down there 2x a week just no more than that


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"whot is amended soil"
Potting soil. Fox Farms Ocean & Forest is best.

"and how would i go about transporting it to the island?"
Well unless you have a helicopter or can arrange an air drop, you carry it.
I can tell you what works; logistics is up to you.

Between now and planting time, take a few hours to read a grow book.

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actueally i mite take a botany class the grow book sounds like a good idea too il have a friend get me one
one question the cite is visible from the river but im thinking that in the summer there will be enough plants to camo it but in worried about the smell carrying
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