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New Grower Old plant both bad shape


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Ok First Grow My "friend" moved and gave his veggin plants away to friends i got a 19'' Purple Kush. It had nute burn from what i was told was MG for transplants and cuttings, spider mites and most likly other things i can see

19'' Purple Kush
4x4x6 Grow room
6'' Fan and 42" tower fan
temps at 74 - 80
250 hps on the way

Any advise at all just looking for some help



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Its actually in vermic and some other stuff,told it was soilless and the nutes were in liquid form. i was just wondering how to flush it corectly and if i should use bloom nutes cuz the P in NPK (phos?) is still in the plant so i hear will my 250 watt hjps be enough


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250w can grow a single plant np.I flush with no nutes for a week, i do use a sugar like sweet,carbo load something for that last week while flushing.


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should i use a bloom nute like guana such as budswel or other guano, also forgot to add...i have been flushing for about a week now and i dont know if i should ad nutes update just took picks....also dont know when to start flowering shes about 22" now...






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yeah alot,but some if the inner smaller leaves are turning a blackis/brow and curling alot...overwatering??? there also is a fan leaf that is very brown..lower left corner of big first pic should i remove?


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Take a cutting and make a clone.

Just a thought.... if that is your only plant, before you transition to flowering stage. I would take a cutting from it and get a clone growing. That way your ahead of the game later on down the road. :cool027:

You still have like 6 to 9 weeks depending on the length of your plants flowering stage... that is plenty of time to get a clone ready for flowering.
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