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New grower trying to decide on a medium, please share your wisdom


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Yeah, I find most areas have a 7-8 ph the more north you get. Here its 7.8. I'm expecting to go through alot of ph down
Thats what im thinking to. Just curious. Can water with nutes in it stick around for a while or should it mixed every time prior to watering?


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I mix nutes as needed. Mix the nutes as needed, let sit for 5-10m, ph adjust, let sit for another 5-10m and double check ph before feeding
Okay that sounds good. Im still up in the air but currently learning towards coco or promox. I like it for the fact its harder to over water at the cost of having to water much more than soil.


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So iv made a decision. Visited another local shop I had no idea existed, shit the shit for a while and I'm going to try Sunshine Mix #4. I'm going to mix it with this natural stuff called frazzle dazzle by a company called ecoherb (www.ecoherb.ca) Still under construction but I did grab a brochure shown below. I'm also going to try a "simple" 2 part nute system called dual fuel by green planet. Hopefully all goes well.


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