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New Grower with question

Dr Feelgood

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Hey 420! Like the title says new grower with Question
First a little about my grow space
It is a soil grow 2 part ffof 1 part coarse perlite in 3 gal pots.cfl lighting 12 23watt bulbs both veg and flower spectrum lights on 24/0.fox farm grow big and tiger bloom nutes.dimensions for the cab are width 22" depth 24" height 36". ventilation fan with passive intake and another fan blowing on the plant.water from the tap 6.8 ph with runoff between 6.0-6.5.Temps stay between 70 and 86 F.

I started with 2 Auto flower Blue Mystic Fem. I started seeing preflowers on day 16 from sprout. 1 plant was male so i pulled it. I am now on day 22 from sprout on the female. I found some journals online with this strain and they had to switch 12/12 to get it to flower.It would not auto. So my question is should i switch to 12/12? What are signs that the plant is flowering? It has long white pistils on it but I cant tell if they are still pre flowers. Thanks for all your help.Without this site I would not have made it this far. Great tutorials Roseman.

Dr Feelgood

New Member
here are pics day 22






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Hey Dr. Feelgood, she's flowering nice. I'd probably drop back to 14/10 lighting to give her some rest to recoup. Keep up the good work. Peace and be safe.
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