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new grower

Im new at this please I'm new at this how do I post a picture?
:welcome:coltsfan! To post a picture you must first click on "Gallery" at the top left of your screen. A drop down menu will come down and you want to click on "upload photos" near the bottom of the list. This will open the screen you need to be on for your pictures. Once there, you'll have a few options like naming the photos and making comments about them. Once you choose to do that or not, you can "select files for upload" (your photos), once upload is complete you will then click on the upload/submit button. From there you'll be able to go to the screen you typed this message on and click on the camera on the tool bar at the top... your pictures will appear and you can select which ones you want to post! It sounds more complicated than it is :) Good luck! :peace:
DAMN coltsfan!! You didn't tell me I was helping you post a nicer looking plant than I have! LOL That's awesome and I'd say you got the hang of the photo upload! Now for some unsolicited advice. :) This is a great place for growing information and also legalization efforts! I use the "frequently asked question" area often and also the search. If you start a grow journal, you'll be amazed at how many experienced growers will help you out! Good luck. :peace: