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Just started to flower plants are about 24 inches tall.. will I run out of room in an 8 foot room? Strains are grape ape and cinex... also should plants be sprayed with water during flower?

Stinky Snid

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First off, don't spray any flowering plants unless absolutely necessary, via foliar spray to correct any deficiencies. I try to shield the buds with my hand while spraying upwards under the leaves. During flower humidity is your enemy, tight buds hold moisture like sponges leading to possible mold/budrot.

If you can bend them slowly you could save yourself some space. Sounds like you have another 2.5 feet to work with, you should be fine with some minor lst. If it ever comes to it and you've run out of room you can try super cropping. Just search these terms and you'll find all the info you need to proceed.

Hope I could be of some assistance. KiG :green_heart: cheers

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This depends on your light and pot height but my guess is you'll be fine.

With a 1000w hps you need to keep it about 2ft from the canopy.
The rule of thumb is a doubling of height in flower, so there's another 4ft.
Add another foot for the light itself and foot for the pot and it's close but doable.

Any less light and you'll be fine.


I foliar feed vegging plants but never spray a budding one.
You could spray with plain water, but if you add anything to that water it will physically coat the buds.
Clean water wouldn't hurt.. I mean it rains in nature right? But would it help anything? I don't bother.
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