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New Growers - Advice Needed Please


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Hi! We are new growers and have found reading these forums extremely helpful but need a bit of advice & guidance. Let me start from the beginning..... (1) My hubby has seeds in a jar for years (2) We decide to grow in an effort to save money and he puts said seeds in wet paper towels on 2/1/14 (3) Only 1 of the 6 seeds sprouts (4) We care & love for her (and she grows very fast & tall) but did have two issues that we resolved from reading forums, 2 issues were -1- when the weather here (WA) got nice we moved her outside during days, she started to die, leaves turned yellow, figured out she was in shock and brought her back inside & she recovered, this was at about 1 month old. -2- we had plant spikes in her but also decided to give her fast releasing plant food, misread the instructions and over fertilized her resulting in mold, we took out excess fertilizer, read forums and then started watering with a hydrogen peroxide mixture for a few days and also putting "milk water" in there after we're done with milk container's (something we still do), the mold was gone completely after a little over a week, this was at about 7-8 weeks. (4) The plant is now healthy and happy with a soil PH level of about 6.5 (5) One thing I think I should also mention is how fast this plant has grown, she was 6 inches by the time she was 3 weeks old and she is now 3 1/2 months old and is 30 inches tall! Is that normal? (5) Now here are my reasons for posting on this forum and asking for advise -1- Since these seeds were laying in a jar for God knows how many years, we have no idea what type of plant strain this is, I'm posting pics with this thread, any ideas from anyone? -2- We have been watering her every other day with about half a gallon of water, is this enough? -3- How do we know she is not a he? We saw about the clusters on the leaves but when would those show up so we'd know? -4- When can might we start to see budding? -5- There is a pic with a little root in it, this is sticking out of the bottom of the 3 1/2 gallon planter we have it in, is this because it's getting root bound, we need it in a bigger planter or we're not watering it enough and the roots are searching out water or a combination?

Regarding Pics- please bear with me, I am trying to figure out how to post the pics, will keep trying
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