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New growroom considering ventilation


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Hello, (excuses for my english sometimes....)

At firts....Great Forum guys!!! Lots off good understandable info and great results.

I'm building a growroom 11' x 4' , height is about 8'.

Complete with insulation, chalkboard for wet rooms painted white....

The room has the entrance in the middle where you enter a "work area" and then on my both sides I have two 4'x4' growth area's.

To start I will use a Mars II 1200W, full spectrum on the left side. the other grow area will be "illuminated" later.

A friend of me gave me a tube aerator (not sure if this is the correct name for it). This one has two stands , one for 400M3/h and one for 800M3/h.

Can someone give me advice if this ventilator can do the job combining a climate controller? Will the amount off air replacement be enough? Are the Mars II 1200w Leds giving some heat?

Any info or advice would be appreciated!!:thanks:


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I can't really say too much about the ventilation as I have no idea but as far as LED goes they will produce heat but not quite as much as HPS. Personally I think its not so much about the heat that LED puts out its more about they type of heat they put out, the heat doesn't seem to be as direct more of an ambient type of heat that spreads throughout the room. Sorry I can't be much help but thats all I got lol.
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