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New growth leaves curling


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Hello fellow growers! I’m quite new to growing, and I’m trying to keep it simple for now so I have three plants of the same strain (Blueberry) in veg. All three are in the same soil (different pots) in the same room, however one plant has downward curling leaves on all new growth. I have no idea what could be causing this. I don’t currently use nutes yet, so they are only getting nutrients from the soil itself. I keep the room temperature at a steady 65 to 70°. The pH is steadily around 6.4. pics included


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There is a "checklist" you can use everytime.
How wet is the medium?
Enough holes for drainage?
Any bugs crawling around in medium, under leaves or bottom of pot?

How old are they? Are they autos?
Is she closer to lights than the rest?


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She was the tallest of the three, and therefore closest to the lights. I probably made the mistake of assuming that since I’m using LEDs, I could allow her to get extremely close to the light. I’ve remedied this and will see if things change.
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