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New guy here out of ca!


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Hello to all 420magazine members jus want to give a shot out to all the great members here, I have been cruising this site for a few weeks and thought I should join the community . This is one of the best if not the best growers forums out there ! A thanks to all who share and post such invaluable information without you guys we would not be able to enjoy the the finer buds in
Life lol . Anyways much love to all and always be the best grower you can be


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Welcome to the forum! Are you growing anything right now?


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Yes LighTer and thanks for asking . I got two clones going outdoor in 5 gal buckets with ff ocean forest mix . One is fire OG and the other is c4- chemdawg4. Both are about 3.5 months old and seem to be doing fine . I am very new to growing and I am Definetly gaining tons of experience with this grow. I will be very thankful if I can get thru this first grow without more issues. I was batting a terrible caterpillar infestation for a few weeks which almost destroyed one entire clone, the fire OG. Damn things ate 90% of the small 3" buds that were growing . But it has slowly came back to life and is thriving with new bud sites everywhere now which I'm pumped about ! I ultimately want to work my way up to indoor/ hydro w/ led . But don't want to go all in at once and fail. Anyhow I will try to post a pics.


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More power to you norcal. I have always wanted to grow outdoors but haven't had the chance yet.


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High Norcal408man, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!

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