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New guy needs help

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I got some clones and they come on very wet rock wool and had loads of routes showing , I put them in cocco and purlite which I pre soaked a little .
4 days on and lower leaves are going yellow starting at the tips then the main part of leaf .
I not feed them yet as cocco still damp under the surface .

Pls help . I can add pics of need be
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I have not checked the ph as yet but soaked the cocco b4 I potted them . My ph tester is a add the water to ph solution . How would I Go about testing the soil ? And how do I add a pic
You properly pH the water before you give it to plants. Same with nutes. PH imbalance can lead to lockout, which can kill a plant pretty quick.

To upload photos, look near top of screen at gallery tab, there's a link to upload photos there
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I have tried to load pics and it says it's timed out . So will it not be worse to feed even the cocco is wet ? Or not harm
Them ?
I would say that if they are just fading to yellow (no brown at tips or edges) you could try 1/4 strength feeding and watch - soil takes a little while to see results so don't expect too much to change right away as soiless mix takes about 5 days to show symptoms or improvement of nutrient changes. Also, did you rinse your coco well before using?
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I didn't rinse the cocco at all :(
I just flushed its with ph tested wares then water n nuts day before I potted them . And some of the tips are brown just .
Will it harm them to o 1/4 feed n flush as cocco is already damp
coco has a lot of salts if not thoroughly rinsed. I'd try transplanting into properly rinsed coco and perlite with ph adjusted water with no nutes and then add 1/4 strength nutes after transplant shock recovery. if you have myco or a good root inoculate of some sort I'd use those for the transplant as well. in lieu of transplant you could also try flushing like crazy but not sure how effective that would be - if you have a PPM meter I'd check the runoff water to determine if there is too much salt in the mixture before doing anything.
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Took ur advice and today the leave are sticking up on top few and think the colour is coming bk into the leaves . So I owe u guys big time :) thanks ..
Will keep u updated