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Hi everyone! I am new to the forums just signed up. I have been reading posts for a good few weeks here though to get info and ideas on all the latest ways to grow Mary J. It is a great site.

So two weeks ago I decided to go out and see about gettign a recommendation. I have not grown and barely smoked pot for a good long while. Last time I tried growing I was a teenager and it never turned out too great. either some damn rabbits and deer ate my plants off in the hills or spider mites killed my plan off in the corner of our yard that i Hid from my mom, or some other shananagens.

Well this time its gonna be different dammit! I am gonna get some big juicy potent kind buds and no damn fuzzy animals, insects, or my own stupidity is gonna get in the way this time... well I hope :p.

Ok so I got my card 2 weeks ago and bought some clones on the same day from PO in los angeles. My original plan was to just buy some plants and put them in my backyard (i have a big backyard and I garden there already). But the dude at PO and some other people told me I can not plant them yet and would need to wait at least a month till mid june. So Ive had them propped up on my latter under my ceiling fan lights. Yes I know its jenky but hey its what I had. The bulbs are 6500k bulbs though. I learned on the 2nd day that my normal house bulbs where not working lol.

The strains are XXX, PO5, Helix, and Chem D. I have them in organic potting soil and feed them with all natural stuff like B1 for the roots, some very diluted down 9-12-12 stuff I use for my tomatos, some 5-3-3 bloodmeal bonemeal and other organic soil additive mix, some 5-1-1 alaskan fish fertalizer (think imma stop using that until they are outside, it freaking stinks) and of course lots of TLC :). Oh and peralite. My soil is usually PH at 6.1-6.3

Now I have really been enjoying watching these puppies grow and even though my lighting sucks compared to you fellas they seem to be pretty big for just 2 weeks imo. However I did just order a 4ft 4 bulb T5 HO light from home depot. It comes complete with 4 bulbs of 5000k and is just 125 so the price seemed very mellow. It wont be here for a week though.

I want to start growing in 2 harvests per year. putting plants outside once in early spring that have been vegging for a few months then harvesting late spring or begining of summer and putting new ones in summer that where vegging indoors already and harvesting them in fall. Something tells me one 4 bulb t5HO isnt going to cut it. Maybe I am wrong. What do yall think?

Ok I am going on and on now so ill just end this with some pics of my 2 week old babies. The can is one of those big 16 oz rockstar drinks just to give some perception on their size.

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Well I said fuck it and ordered a 2nd t5 HO 4 ft 4 bulb fixture. :D.

So I was planning on housing the lights in a little box. I will probably just make one out of wood. something like 5.5 feet wide 3.5 feet deep then about 6 feet tall with both t5 on the own pully system to raise or lower them. I was going to paint the inside blast white too. But are certain types of paint harmful to plants? Would waterproof or resistant paint be best? I dont want any chems on my buds from the paint :D.

Another question. Is flowering in the winter outdoors a completely retarded and impossible idea? I know there are some strains like Alaskan ThunderBEEP that do good in cold climates, but I live in a area where its at least 45 in the night during winter and it can get as low as 20 on the worst of the worst nights.

The reason I ask about the winter is my cycle. If I have plants indoors and I put them out in say early march to harvest in late may. Then at the same time I start growing new plants indoors in march to put outdoors in june at the same time starting new plants indoors.

Well if I start new plants indoors in june I would either have to veg them like 8 months until next march lol. Or possibly if there is a extremely cold tollerant plant I can put those out there in like november or december after growing for a few months indoors then at the same time begin growing my crops to plant in the early spring.

What yall think?
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Sounds crazy but it just might work. Let me start by saying I like your plans. I'm not exactly positive with your climate but I would say there are ways to cover your plant for extreme colds. People do it with bags to trap humidity and keep plants warm. Maybe this would be an option? Also keep in mind that u may have to train your plants slowly say by day when you want to move outside. You won't be able to just throw them outside you will shock them. Couple extra hours a day in the sun till they can tolerate. I'm Gna do some more research on this outdoor idea. Hope I've helped somewhat. Happy growing and good luck :Namaste:
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I found a few Canadian seed cos that say they have buds that grow up in north canada and found a random thread here or there on the net that people where showing their plants that were outdoors in like 30 degree weather looking stanky n danky. So I am begining to think its possible I would just need the right strain
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Sounds good man. Can a moderator move this journal to "active journals" for this fellow.

Jimmy, thats why there aint so much traffic. This thread should be in "active" journals.
You can message 420girl and ask to have it moved there if you want. Or I'm sure they will come do it soon.

But WELCOME TO :420: MAGAZINE! Your gonna grow to LOVE this site. Really great community and team! :Namaste:
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Ok so I have not slept much in past day. I guess too excited to be growing. I love plants :D.

I ordered a 2nd t5 4 foot 4 bulb high output. So now I will have two of those badboys, plus the 4 smaller screw in 6500 bulbs on the swivel lamps which have kept my plants going for the past 2 weeks, imo surprisingly well too. I may end up using them when the plants get taller as a kind of side light.

I also ordered one of those mylar grow tents. rather then build my own it just seemed better to just buy one. I got a 4x4x7 tent for only 80 bucks with 15 for shipping. It would have probably cost me the same or more to build something plus a lot of time. So I am happy with the purchase. Now I am just waiting for the lights and the tent to arrive. supposedly itll all be here by the 4th or 5th.

On a side note I had a bit of strangeness with my plants over the past 24 hours. Two strains of the 4 all grew over an inch plus they all gained a LOT of bushiness. I can attribute this to 3 possible things. It is at least one and possibly 2 or all 3 of the reasons for the extreme growth even under my dinky lights.

The first possibility is like 3.5 days ago I had watered the plants and used two new compounds for the first time. Fish emulsion which is 5-1-1 and some random organic mix that came highly recommended from a gardening pro i know. That mix has all sorts of stuff like blood meal, bone meal, worm castings, and other smelly stuff lol. I just tossed a small handful on top of the soil for each plant of that and made my water mix with some of the fish poop, some B1 complex, and a few dissolvable 9-12-12 tomato pellets that i tossed in the water. What I think may have happened is it took about 3 days for the microbes to adjust and begin working with the new ferts causing the recent speedy growth.

The other option is that the soil drying out a tad helped give the roots some air. I decided to water again today but instead of a heavy watering I tryed to keep it a bit light to not completely drench the soil and roots. I used some fish poop and some b1 in the mix today. but it was a light watering barely anything came out the bottom of the pots and my goal was to really have nothing come out. In probably 4 more days I will water again. spraying the top soil with a tiny squirt or two of plain water with my spray bottom on the 2nd or 3rd day if the top seems slightly dry.

The 3rd option is I removed the tin foil panels I made that surrounded the plants. I would think they helped (i only removed because plants getting too bushy and where close to the sides of the panels) But maybe not.

Heres a pic so you guys can see what I mean about the crazy growth. This is only taken about 30 hours after the first pictures in the thread.

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Ok so iono if anyone is even reading this or i am just talking to myself, but imma keep posting anyways :D.

So today got some azomite and superthrive. plus some molasses for later on during bloom time.

Plants grew another inch today. But I just sprayed them for the first time ever with neem oil. Hopefully the neem oil does not stunt them or worse. I sprayed them turned off the lights then left and went to walmart for about 1.5 hours and a fan was blowing on the hard the whole time so I hope theres no neem burn and also hope there is no neem pore clogging.

I also made a DIY cloning gel tonight. I plan on trying it on some plant clippings my neighbor gave me. Not weed just regular plants like ivy and flowers n stuff for my yard.

The DIY gel seemed to work quite well and the guy showed success with it. So I made some and will try it out tomorrow and try it in a few weeeks on some weed if the regular plants do well. Its made from about 60% honey 25% molasses 10% liquid b1 complex and 5% superthrive.

I had to adjust the lights though because plants growing too fast. begining to worry they will outgrow my little ghetto grow platform before my mylar tent and t5 arrive.
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I got mold!

So one of the drain dishes under plant plants got moldy. Which in turn has given a few leaves on a plant here or there the dreaded powdery mold.

I dont know if I should use neem oil. 1% milk. or 3% hydrogen peroxide to get rid of it on the leaves.

Anyone advice?

Heres some pics of the plant that had the moldy dish. It seems to have the worst case of the mold on leaves too. I counted at least 3 leaves with some white powder.

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hey man looking good. Yea I'm not sure but to me that doesn't look like mold.... Keep doing what your doing. Your plants are coming out really great.

I just noticed is that a mirror in there? If it is, thats no good, you want mylar. Mirrors will actually absorb the light believe it or not, and not to mention cause some HEAT issues! :Namaste:

Im sure your journal will begin to pick up
Re: New guy with indoor/outdoor dreams

If you are talking about the original pics having a mirror. No thats just a piece of cardboard with tinfoil on it lol...

I received my 4x4 mylar tent today in the mail though. I still need to get the eight 4 foot t5 HO lights however they arrive on the 4th-6th i was told.

I am going to take a pic that might shock you. my plants are all just housed on top of a ladder underneath my ceiling fan/light. Plus then you can see how the more sativa strains are doing. They are about 15 inches or taller now and very bushy.

4 plants have multiple main stalks growing and 4 plants seem to be more single cola style. Currently my favorite is the Helix it just seems like its going to be a super strong and bug heavy plant. Plus I read that its crossed with all sorts of big name marijuana like "jack herrer" "white widow" "northen lights 5" "OG something" well I might have got those strains wrong but I know it had a lot of big name cannabis cup winners as parents and TBH its really showing.

All plants are 20 days old as of this point.
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my jenky temp grow room lol

This is my favorite. Its Helix. about 14.5 inches from soil to top of plant currently.

this is Chem D. Both Chem D plants stayed tiny 4 inch midgets forever. However this past week they have shot up and both have multiple main stalks growing.

Then the picture I showed earlier of the plant I thought had mold that was XXX a midgetlike but bushy plant. The guy at clone store said it gets pretty stanky n danky, I am not sure that the yields are huge from it however but we shall see in about 4-5 months :)

The guy said the Helix grows liek a freak with big yields. and kind buds. I am starting to see why as it already looks like a mini Xmas tree.
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Ok so I have my grow tent up now. Plus it has the 8 t5 HO lamps going. Tomorrow I will probably be transplanting them from their current pots to some big 3-5 gallon ones. Which will be their homes for the next month or two until I throw them outside. Some might even just stay in those pots when they do go outside. I have not decided yet.

I am considering making a carbon filter and fan for my grow tent. I would have just bought one but they really seem to overcharge people for them. I guess since it is a nitch market the few companies who do make them think they can overcharge like a teenager does when she gos to the mall with her friends and her dads credit card. Well I say fuck that.

The cheapest in line filter plus fan pack i could find on ebay or amazon was like 130 bucks with the shipping. and that was for a semi loud and crappy tiny 4 inch one. Well I am quite confident I can make a better one for much less that will out preform or be on par with any out there. So expect me to whip one up over the next few days. When I do I will make a DIY thread or just put the details of how in here.

Pics coming soon of my plants and the new grow tent.
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Here is my new setup.

There here is the two po5 with the two Helix behind them.

Then here is the two Chem D on the left and the two XXX on the right.

Then lastly a closeup of the Chem D which has really be growing crazy this past week.
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Incase you are wondering yes the light is tilted higher on the left side. quite a bit too :D. I have the taller plants on left short on right.

Today will be transplant day and I will be moving everything into 3 or 4 gallon pots. That combined with the new much higher powered lights (i have another t5 HO not in pictures too, plus can still use my little florescent spotlights to boot) should begin to jumpstart some massive growth.

I will be xfering these plants in a mix of organic compost, manure, peat moss, vermeculite or peralite(i have vermeculite but might go exchange for a big bag of peralite) bone meal, blood meal, azomite, worm castings, humic acid, and a few other things.

My feeding for the first week after exfer (i only get to water them once every 3 or 4 days) Will be huge doses of b1, mag, and cal, some tiny doses of superthrive and small doses of alaskan fish poop. The water is really just going to be mostly my b1, mag , cal additive because the soil is going to be retardedly rich in organic goodness and I dont wanna over do it. But after a couple weeks Ill start hitting them hard with the fish poop, plus a little molasses and by that time the b1 doses will be minimal as will the superthrive since the new soil will have plenty of azomite mixed in.
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oh and that tiny pot in the center of the grow lights is a bunch of sweet yellow and red pepper babies :D. They have started to sprout like crazy and theres a good 4 or 5 in there with their heads popping out :). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fajitas
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Day 23:

I spent nearly all day today working on my plants. Bought some perlite and some 5 gallon pots.

Ended up making a crazy sweet mix for the 5 gallons. At the bottom it was like 40% perlite and 60% of a manure, compost and peat moss mix. Then the rest of the pot had more like 20% perlite 70% of the manure, compost peat moss mix, plus added 2% Azomite, then 8% of the following: Hydrolyzed Feather Meal, Pasteurized Poultry Manure, Cocoa Meal, Bone Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Greensand, Humates, Sulfate of Potash, and Sulfate of Potash Magnesia.

I also set up my other t5 ho light in the tent.

Heres a pic of the babies in their new big boy homes :D.

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