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New Guy's Godberry, BigBudXXL & A Kripple Makes A Triple


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Week 3 update for those still looking in, with my Grow 1 looking to be four weeks away from harvest, space is my big issue at the moment.
Grow 2 now being juggled between cupboard grow space and tent & for the hours where tent is off for its 12/12 grows 2 (and, more importantly for this journal) Grow 3 are sharing spaces...

However, in spite of this am seeing a little new growth from all the four stars of Grow3

Very pleased with progress and more importantly the clone, which started as an unoffical experiment, has finally confirmed its new roots by pushing significant noticeable growth. (See last clone pic for vs)



Noticing small defects in the leaves of KS and GB but not worrying too much, a few deformations happen and since they are growing more or less as expected, no problems.





The BBXXL is still the front runner. Being last to crack and break the soil this girl hasnt stopped, overtaking the other two by end of week 2

Amnesia Clone

While the clone is now looking like it has finally got a second wind, i hope to keep it in veg for another month.

Back to the window for a couple more hours...

All good for now, back soon.



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Well they all made it to the 6 nodes development so its time to make a few changes...

First up - pots.

When I first set up my space I was using some pots for seedlings that are alright in the absence of better pots but they narrowed at the bottom which always bothered me that the roots may get compacted too early in development.

Also, since following @Barney86 's method I was going to get these little girls into coco (as opposed to soil mix I'm using for already ongoing grows).

So with a few new pots and some freshly buffered coco/pearlite (70/30) I repotted them two days ago and they are doing great.

While its only been a short time, since all 3 seeds have now developed 5/6 nodes, am going to top down to third node and strip excess off leaving only node three pair, in readiness for new growth which will form the base of required 'manifold'.

GB before

KS before

BBXXL before

And excercising caution, a clean pair of garden scissors and a steady hand, all 3 were topped down to the third extended node and then all growth below 3rd node removed...




All chopping completed and followed up with a quarter mix of my biobiz nutes (fish/topmax) as well as a first of a weekly quarter dose of calmag +(preventative) and formulex solution for treating body and roots.
Now we wait....

Oh btw
Here is the Amnesia clone I took three weeks ago from Prince Albert.

Its going very well and since im a few weeks from harvesting its mother, i'm gonna grow this one in veg until I can verify the taste of its mum.

Had a few comparison nugs of Amnesia a few weeks ago and a wide disparity between the two (which im putting down to grower issues).

If its as good as the first lot I got, its a keeper, if its similar to second lot, it prolly wont be kept, as it was not a patch on first batch.

All about the patience now...

Back in to 60% RH and 25º are board with 2-3 feeds daily with all the babies.

Next week they will be joined by my next crop for extending the perpetual side.
3 Northern Lights autos brining my total plants 17....

Till something exciting happens.....


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Cheers @Bucudinkydow , yeah was a real trim, and have heard advice against it. However reckon they are already a little stunted despite my happiness with their size n shape, just errors from my initial inexperience: we fk up - we learn.
And i done plenty fk ups. o_O

Reckon i've got the hang of training pretty quickly because I used a couple of my 2nd grows plants for pratice, tortured a couple with random topping and odd tie downs, they are all over the place, but needed to know the whats & whys of training (high & low) with a few still to go through, i thought my 3 new girls were perfectly set for mainlining, so went for it.
Obvious benifits with yields (and hoping to get the Godberry and Bigbud xxl into 10g pots!o_O ) But once the manifold is formed, its an obvious choice for a lot of reasons maintenance, air flow , mould formation etc

Proof of the defoiliation excercise will be either catastrophic failure of all plants or (as I'm a gambling man) a spurt to the budsites while im packing pk boosters n Topmax for sweetness.
We shall see in about 4 weeks or so but reckon 'or so' more likely.

First havest nerves incoming.
Patience is a bastard.


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Shite fella, just realised you were talking about the little ones...
My apologies .
I confused myself cause i just pulled about hundred fan leaves from my oldest girls: currently 4 weeks into bloom). Hence the advice against doing it, but wanted those bud sites clear (should prolly add a few pics of those here too) and given it has about 4+weeks to go i wanted any shock outta the way so they have four weeksish to get fit and pump up.:thumb:
Am so stoned.


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Does your perlite turn a bit yellow? Unsure if its the contact with water, oxidation or I simply bought crappy quality...
Hey fella, so sorry, got distracted when i first read your post.then clan out ma head.
It did bother me when i saw it a few days, weeks after i started grow, and just appears on surface where leaves fall, think it all same dirty white under surface, no issues are prevalent so didnt focus too heavily. But have a bag of pearlite delivered today and it 'feels' cheep.
We shall see, soon enough...

Cheers mate


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No worries with the discoloration of the perlite. It’s a harmless algae that’s a result of nutrients in the grow medium in presence of light. Totally harmless just a bit aesthetically unpleasing. We have a product here in the states called Reflectix available from Lowe’s that I like to place over the grow medium surface. Besides eliminating the algae it’s great for moisture preservation.

Love your attitude, WankirA. My explorations, also, often lead me on paths that are contrary to general consensus. The only way we can set the parameters of success is by first finding the points of failure. And often make new discoveries on the journey. Watching this one. Good luck.



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Quickie here

Training started on the Godberry, Kippleshock and BigBudxxl

Useing bendy wire to simply startbthe leveling process to keep the plant going where i want the manifold to be pusing off from.



And the clone is growing up...
My xurrent plan for next grow is potentially changing because i might use the amnesia clone to get a 12-16 sog.
But maybe ill just let her continue to veg more, orginLly i was due to put 3 NL autos in this weekend but still undecided.

Btw a couple of spots on the big bud are a smidge concerning, same position and feed as other two, so rules out light or nute burn, ideas?!


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Btw a couple of spots on the big bud are a smidge concerning, same position and feed as other two, so rules out light or nute burn, ideas?!

Most likely Calcium as it is the most difficult element to move and there are so many different factors that can contribute to restrict it that Ca is most likely the first element to consider when determining a deficiency.


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In your spare time, give page 1 a read. From it, I suggest baking and pulverizing some egg shells to amend your soil. It will release the Ca with watering and if your soil is active with microbes, that will help your success even more.

Emmie's DIY CalMagPhos+ From Eggshells


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give page 1

Did do and wow!!!
Thanks for the nod.. Additionally thank you for the definciancy poster of yours, i got it (n stole) it a little earlier off @Mr Krip sponsored Hi brix run - noticed the cal note in it.. lmao

Did cross my mind as it came up last week with Barney86, since they are in coco now and understood its a common issue with coco grows.

Got calmag here but since she is so new, didnt think she would need it so early (well, suppose its not a sprout anymore, I did just cut her first head off!)

Can I safely assume stress is likely to bring on any underlying definciancies or issues to the fore?!
Cheers @Skybound about to put em to sleep so will treat them all with a drench to be safe. Appreciate the help. :thumb:

Try this.
I will do this as soon as i've exhausted my current load of calmag+, which, unfortunately, I now need.
But i'll be saving my eggs for a week for this...
Thank you for your effort here @Emilya :Thats just smarter isnt it



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I didn't really see any damaged leaves in your pics, but assumed you saw what you saw, and shooting from the hip I said Cal. Of course you'll have to confirm this for yourself and all, but that aside, if it is cal, I would favor amending the soil or working in a top dressing that has calcium only as magnesium is also a cation and will compete with calcium, so if no mag symptoms are visible, I would shy away from CalMag. I read the same about coco too, in that it is very rich in K, and to properly use it, it needs to be flushed with calcium and magnesium to push out that K and essentially, elementally reprogram the media, lol. I just picked up a bale of Peat and I think I have to do a similar process to load it up correctly with Cal.


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Hello world.

Have already stopped by the intro thread and have shown off what’s happening (see here) in my grow space, which I’m still organising and tweaking to become a perpetual grow space.

But since I have just received some brand new seeds from DCS, I will be documenting those new girls from start to finish.

OK, guess to start at beginning, and give additional info as needed or requested:

As with most of us I’d imagine, choosing to grow some of nature’s finest is about navigating restraints. Budget restraints, space restraints, family, holiday or pet related, it’s all about balancing what can and can’t be achieved. I knew what space I had and the budget was pretty minimal, but a couple months down the line and a couple of lucky breaks have got me what I’ve needed to begin to establish my grow space.

My two grow spaces are:

Grow space 1

= Converted cupboard space about 3ft square by 2 metres tall

Vented shelves for air circulation

WBW wall covering

Upright oscillating fan

A single 600w (true 300w) LED

Natural venting with no filters

RH Balance pack

Enough for 5 vegging plants

Grow space 2

= PG120 Grow tent (120*120*200)

16” oscillating fan,

Two LED Units: both 1000w (true 325w) LED’s (blurples)

Carbon filter venting through 5” ducting.

RH Balance pack

CO2 pack

Enough space for 8 (squeeze)


Have done lots of research and decided to use a soil mix and after some kerfuffle moving 50L bags of (expensive) dirt, I opted for checking information and finding that local supermarket supplied the same thing (barr name & price), complete with same standard make up (worm castings, Nitrogen levels etc ).

So a visit to Wilkos provided me with composted fertilizer and separate bags of Pearlite and Vermiculite: which when mixed together (use a mask folks, pumice not good for the lungs), provide good aeration, drainage and water retention as well as ‘low level’ food for up to 5 weeks, allowing supplemental feeding as and when I feel its required and giving me maximum nutrient control as the veg cycle winds down prior to the bloom phase. Like the idea of dry amendments being used, however am still researching that methodology atm.

So, my ‘simpler’ soil mix ratios for this grow will be 40% soil, 30% Pearlite and 30% Vermiculite.


As my first purchase I’m sure some people will disagree, but when shopping for seeds I was very quickly turned on to all the ‘special offers’, ‘Point systems’ & ‘Free Seed’ options which did kind of get in the way of what I was trying to do, namely select some specific seeds!

Having recently tried Godberry (GB) for the first time, I was smitten: Loved the flavour town she took me too and the high was clean as a whistle. So, on a mission to find GB I was disappointed to see it discontinued all over ‘town’, but found it while perusing DCS or DiscountCannabisSeeds.

Their website wasn’t about brash colour call outs and super ‘dank’ imagery, their site was easy to navigate and clear – that simple.

Noticed the contact info (I do this with EVERY online purchase for when shit goes wrong) and called to check stock levels, Johnny answered and confirmed they had it on their list. Perfect. Turns out they act as a seedbank wholesaler offering the seeds from all the usual suspects and (once I checked) usually a little cheaper too!

I Opted for the following feminized seeds (from DCS) because as a new grower I want one less worry (idea of miss sexing gnaws at me.):

1. Feminized Godberry sourced from Freedom Of Seeds
From the web: "Godberry is a more forgiving and potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that provides strong pain relief effects making it ideal for newbies".
Firstly the GB was simply a personal choice but looking at the data sheet, the Gods of ‘expected yields’ and ‘THC levels’ were kind to me. My wife loved this strain because it helped her function (arthritis) so felt between her usage and my enjoyment of its taste and character, it was a clear choice to be my first seed purchase.

2. Feminized Kripple Shock sourced from Dr Krippling
From the web: "Kripple Shock is a complete package, incredible power, massive yields, distinct chocolate/caramel flavour & Indica-dominant pleasure".
Kripple shock was chosen next, mostly because I hadn’t heard of it before, and getting info from a few places, it appears to be a heavyweight in power and yields, so why not!

3. Feminized BigBudXXL from Ministry of Cannabis
From the web: "This plant is almost a pure Indica strain with a happy effect with big yields".
While the added offer of freebie allowed me to choose Bug Bud XXL (from about ten strain choices!), I selected this one for no other reason than yield and speed.

Just wanted to mention DCS (DiscountCannibisSeeds) because of the damn fine service of Johnny and the proof is in the pudding (at the time of writing this all three are born): What more do you want!?
Fine, cheap and they put this newbie’s mind at ease! Johnny, if I ever meet you I owe YOU a pint.

I digress.
Seeds arrived in their respective seed bank packs in short order via tracking mail.

GB Medium size seed KS Small Seed BBXXL Large seed

Decided on Monday 17th (last Monday) to get the ball rolling using the paper towel method, seeds placed in towels doubled up and covered over with PH tested ( kept to 6 to 6.8 range) tap water that has been left exposed to air for 24 hours to allow dissipation of the chlorine that is present in our UK tap water. My understanding is it can have a negative effect on root systems, so why start them off with problems!

NO PIC - I hadn’t found this place till later this week so didn’t know I’d be needing more data but you’ve all seen paper towels right? Imagine I have a 3 names written and seeds are enveloped in a little ceramic dish.

Left them sitting in an area which was consistently 22 degrees and out of direct sunlight to make sure they didn’t dry out too quickly.

Topped them off a little with the CL free water only when paper towels where drying (twice a day appeared to be enough) to ensure their continued awakening.

Wednesday was the birthday of KS, he was the first to crack followed on the Thursday by GB.

Sure enough on Friday morning (yesterday) BBXXL cracked so all three tap roots were looking to stretch out.
Friday lunchtime, after a little LST on my other plants, I decided to put them right into soil, so using those degradable seedling pots, I've prepped my soil mix as above, and used tweezers to gently place the seed about 3/4 inch below the surface. Aadditionally I have added a root nutrient called Forulex recommended to me, it is providing all the required minerals and other stuff (zinc, calcium, copper etc etc) for seedlings to get the ball rolling on its development.


Then placed approximately 30 inches away from LED in Grow space 2
(boring bit)

Ok for reference, anyone reading this may not have checked me out but I need to mention I am new to this. I started growing 6 weeks ago. And then decided 4 weeks ago to set up as a perpetual grow (of sorts) looking for a harvest every 4 weeks or so.

Had already spent last 6 moths doing a WHOLE lot of research, listened to a whole lot of opinions, read a whole lot of theories on every part/section/phase of the plants lifecycle and beyond, seen a whole lot of stoners getting off their tits on youtube and been sucked in by whole lot of marketing bollocks.

So while my plan for setting up my growing space was organically changing, my goal hasn’t, “I want to be self-reliant for what is in my life: medicine”. And for that, it meant not relying on others in order to get the fruits we all desire. So I needed to heed advice, to take care and pay attention to ensure the pitfalls are navigated and the hurdles are minimized within the confines of my decisions for my lifestyle: This had to be a serious ‘hobby’.

Leads me nicely to 6 weeks ago, having what I’m led to believe are 3 amnesia seeds and 1 ak47 , I start them off in the paper towels, all good, flash forward 2 weeks and I found a bag of old seeds, that are at least 2 years old, and decided to see if any of them would crack, my little lapse in how damn resilient this plant can be meant that 4 days later 21 out of 23 seeds all had cracked and pointing their wiggly little root at me.

Extremely long story short,
I have Grow 1: with my original 4 seeds (presumed to be 3 x Amnesia 1 x AK47 - Green pots).

Grow 2: consisting of the finest seven (5 here 2 in Grow 1) of the 21 surviving and unknown strains . Since my original 4 are vegging, I am squeezing all plants into the two grow spaces atm.

And Grow 3: with my newly born (Friday 21st) girls as you can see have entered the cycle.

BTW anyone who can see I am going to have issues when bloom time comes is not wrong, but moving forward in 3’s (as opposed to 23’s) I will ensure that I grow to the space.

Update #1:
Now since today is the first entry I am providing the following as the first update:
Saturday 22nd, 30 hours after going into soil, they are up and away.


I am so chuffed...

So that's us all up to date on my first grow journal.

Sorry I’ve gone on here, but the bulk of understanding is done, so thank you for dropping in (Damn, you made it this far!) - think that’s all for now but any comments, feedback always welcome and I’ll provide updates as and when something of note happens.

Oh and apologies for blurple pics, will minimize where practical for all future posts

Cheers for now

Looking good mate.... I’ll pull up a chair and see how you get on :)


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Cheers @Copperfield usually plenty going here fella, need to do an update today too i think.
Some days i get too wrapped up in other peoples journals.


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Cheers @Copperfield usually plenty going here fella, need to do an update today too i think.
Some days i get too wrapped up in other peoples journals.
Yeah there’s some fantastic grows on here mate, I’m a little jealous of the legal growers over the water. UK laws suck for us


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Lots going on here mate. Must be like a full time job keeping on top of it all. Looking great so far.


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Certainly keeping me busy @VetSmoke85 , but am enjoying the early mornings and late nights immensly.
Thanks fella.


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Certainly keeping me busy @VetSmoke85 , but am enjoying the early mornings and late nights immensly.
Thanks fella.
It is a great hobby. I fell in love with it straight away. Much to the annoyance of the Mrs :laugh: I think that's mainly because she's pregnant and can't enjoy the fruits for a while longer though. Ha ha


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Certainly keeping me busy @VetSmoke85 , but am enjoying the early mornings and late nights immensly.
Thanks fella.

Looking good! Are you enjoying the training ... I found out from @Asesino85 ... that I neede to allow them to grow up as well as out ... and in the end there is space between the stems for the colas to get light & air so they can swell :)

Ahhh ... the things I learn as a first-time grower :)
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